Tell Us What You Love About Life in the City of Charles Sturt

We are working on this and value your feedback and input.

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With the Subject: What I love about the City of Charles Sturt is…

You are Welcome to talk about Anything that takes your fancy.
Other ideas may include your favourite: Schools, parks, playgrounds, restaurants, sights, things for visitors to do, shops, places to hang out, eateries, coffee places, walk, run or bike trails, things to do for kids, teenagers, grown-ups, retirees, singles … and so on.

So this Neighbourhood Page will update and change from time to time.

What do you think other people especially new-comers would like to know?… and we’ll include these in future updates.

Do you have PHOTOS of the area to share here that highlight any of the above? Trendy, inspiring, historical, icons, adventurous, attractions, touristy, community events, night or day shots, hero pics, famous, infamous, been seen on film or TV,

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