Property Description – Title Reference: CT 5294467

The property built in 1992 is a Split Level house of a Conventional Style. It is ~212 Sqm in size of brick-veneer construction.

It has a block size of ~832 Sqm on 3 levels with an enclosed backyard and front yard open to the street.

It has 5 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 living areas.

There is parking for 2 vehicles undercover in the open carport. There is also a rear Garden Shed, Gable-Roofed Verandah Covering the Entertaining Area.

Condition of Property

The property is in reasonably good condition. Much of the floor area has new carpet and timber-look floating floors. There are some paint blemishes and doors with an undercoat base only. These areas require painting.

Strengths: The property has 5 bedrooms in a good sized yard and is atypical of quality houses in the area.

Weaknesses: The house is on the ‘Low Side of the road’ so it generally lacks street appeal. The parking area is set above the home for convenience but means occupants getting wet in inclement weather traversing from vehicles. There is little in the way of usable land given the size of the block on a sloping site. The property looks as if it was in the throes of refurbishment as it looks a bit dated and tired throughout. The new carpets and timber-look floors are appealing tthough the rest looks average. It is also in need of some repainting.

Recommended Works

Replace the Front Security Door as it does not latch as there are no fittings for it. It is recommended to add a New Door in Grey to Match the window trim. This will improve the first impressions.

A general clean and tidy throughout as well as a general garden makeover.

It is recommended that Power is turned on to provide lighting given that the days will be getting darker over the Autumn/ Winter Marketing Season.

2 Smoke Alarms are recommended.

All internal doors and frames need painting as they are either partially painted or still in undercoat stage. Part of the kitchen could do with a repaint also.

Appraisal Value – Market Worth

Given the state of the market and presentation of the property, we would estimate a buyer would consider a Residential Property Investment range from $520,000 to $560,000

Our Appraisal Figure is $540,000

Market Information

Additional Sales information from RP Data computer generated Automated Valuation Report indicates a Low of $529,233, High of $660,054 It has an Estimated Valuation of $594,644 which appears unrealistic given the state of the property and current market conditions. Comparable Sales used in that report are far superior properties. The property was purchased in December 2010 for $475,000 and was on the market for 102 days. It has not been on the market since.

Recent Sales

of Property Sale Date Build Size Beds No’s Bath No’s Park No’s Land Size Year Built Price
SUBJECT PROPERTY COMPARISON  212  5  2  2  832  1992  —
 65 Greenridge Court, Wynn Vale  20/12/17  275  5  3  2  790  1992  $455,000
 7 Hillcott Avenue, Wynn Vale  15/09/16  246  5  2  4  674  1993  $500,000
 12 Grasslands Court, Wynn Vale  29/01/16  280  5  2  4  697  1993  $527,000
 14 Prelate Court, Wynn Vale  27/10/16  240  5  2  4  707  1989  $545,000
 12 Viewpoint Court, Wynn Vale  14/07/17  314  5  2  2  905  1989  $573,000

Recommended Advertising Range

For Private Treaty we recommend a 10% Price Range proposal of $540,000 to $590,000 to encourage negotiation, ensuring buyers make multiple offers sooner, therefore working buyers against each other. If a Single Fixed Price is required we recommend an asking price be set at say $569,950.

Professional Fee – GST Inclusive

Our Professional Fee for service is 2.5% of selling price. Advertising and associated marketing costs for preparations and open inspections are valued at $2495 An administration charge is $995 If Auction preferred – Auctioneers cost is $660 – Our Auctioneer is a State and National Title Holder.


There is none.

Household Structure

This area has a mix of Household Types. Couple with children makes up 43.6% of Households, and Childless couples make up 38.2%. The rest is made up of Single parent 17.4% and Other 1%. Of the total property mix, the Ownership mix is almost 20: 78 between ‘Renters’ and those who ‘Own outright’ or are ‘Purchasing’. Why is this important? Because Private Rental is small with a percentage being Government Housing. That being said, whilst Investors and Developers form a smaller part of the buying demographic an opportunity to buy in this situation does not present itself very often. It is also increasingly difficult to find a block of a decent size for those who have a family. We believe it will have appeal to a number of groups.

Target Market

The likely purchaser will be a Second or Third Homebuyer. These purchasers will require a Subject to Sale and/ or Subject to Finance clause. This excludes many of them from bidding at Auction.

Do you think we should advertise as Mortgagee in Possession and Why?

Generally, we have not done so with Mortgagee, Trustee, Executor or Deceased Estate sales and only disclose the fact to purchasers on a need to know basis. However, the inquiry rate will certainly increase. It has on other properties we have marketed and made it publicly known that it is a Mortgagee Sale. From our perspective, either would suit us.

Marketing Strategies

In South Australia, there are 3 allowable ways of advertising price

  1. No Price
  2. Fixed Price or
  3. Price Range of up to 10%.

The method most often used is Private Treaty accounting for 90-95% of sales. Auction accounts for 5-10% of sales and currently averages a Conversion Rate of around 65% ±  for Pre-Auction Sales and At the fall of the hammer. However, when considering post-auction sales this improves significantly.

Our Sales success rate of Mortgagee and Trustee Sales is ~100%.


Your Method of Sale Options – 9 Types of Sale

  • For Sale by Private Treaty
  • Auction
  • Set Sale – Read more here.
  • Tender
  • Expressions of Interest
  • Price on Application (POA)
  • Low-Key – Read more here.
  • Partner Program – Read more here.

What’s the Recommended Method of Sale?

We, recommend a Private Treaty Marketing & Sales program.

How Do We Get Top Dollar Sales?

Great Marketing leads to more views, higher interest & engagements, more enquiries from competing buyers leading to more inspections, therefore, stronger negotiations which mean a greater perceived value.

We Market Your Property to SELL Not just Advertise it for Sale.

Our Marketing Will Put The Property in The Spotlight so it Becomes The Star Attraction.

Where Does the Marketing Budget Go?

** Click the Comprehensive Marketing Machine Here. **

What is More Valuable to You? “The Risk Over-Marketing or the Risk of Under-Selling and Losing Tens of Thousands of Dollars?”

Why is This Important?

Because the Internet Allows Buyers to Eliminate as Many Homes as Possible Before They…

  • actually, get into their car
  • to look around the community
  • drive through the neighbourhood
  • before they examine your street
  • then consider the outside, before
  • they step inside to inspect your house

As any of these can be a show stopper! It’s imperative that Online & Offline Marketing, especially the Photographs & Your Property Presentation meets their expectations.

Your Property HAS To Be On Their Shopping List, So…

FIRST – We Need to Make Sure, They TURN Up!

How Are Buyers Followed Up?

All Buyers Details are Collected at Opens & Inspections, Then, They’re Followed Up by:
An Email within 5 Minutes, followed by a Series of Engaging Emails after this
2 SMS/ Text Messages the 1’st is sent within an hour
2 Voicemails the 1’st is sent the following day

*The Systems are Automated, SO, it Happens Each & Every Time & No-one is Overlooked.*

THEN – We Make Sure, They Are FOLLOWED Up!

Marketing and Advertising Schedule

Item Costs Include GST
For Sale Signboard: 6’ x 4’ with Colour Photographs and Text $275
Brochures Full Colour $235
Professional Photography and Magazine Quality Digital Enhancements $275
Coloured Floor Plan, Site Plan $125
Internet:  HIGHGLIGHT $1275
Editorial and Adverts by Copywriter $265
Facebook Ads, Facebook Posts, Gumtree Ads, Craigslist Ads, Text, SMS Marketing, Direct Mail, Printed Letterbox Droppers, Telemarketing, Blog Posts, eFlyers, QR Code $475
Individual Property Website, Domain Name, Virtual Tour, Inspection App, Vanity URL $475
Sub Total for Private Treaty $3400
Independent Award Winning Auctioneer $660
Sub Total  for Auction $4060
Newspaper – Private Treaty Campaign and/ or Auction
Week 1 Messenger Press or The Advertiser Saturday Classified Advert $100
Week 2 Messenger Press or The Advertiser Saturday Classified Advert $100
Week 3 Messenger Press or The Advertiser Saturday Classified Advert $100
Week 4 Messenger Press or The Advertiser Saturday Classified Advert $100
Window Card No Charge
Editorial Submitted to The Advertiser, Sunday Mail and Local Paper No Charge
Auction on the day – where applicable No Charge
Property  Open for Inspection and Private Viewings No Charge
TOTAL VALUE OF AUCTION CAMPAIGN is $4460 Contribution $3160

Please Note: This Schedule may need be altered to suit prevailing market conditions

2) Please, Refer to SAMPLE Marketing Pieces Further Below.

As Your Agent, Because, We Are On Your Side – You Can Rely On Us To Be

  • Your Trusted Consultants
  • Your Skilled Negotiators and…
  • The People Who Oversee ALL of Your Transaction Details

How Do We Communicate with You?

Our team reports comprehensively to existing clients by phone, SMS text, email, post, Skype and face-to-face meetings during the sales and marketing period. We can tailor our existing methodology and technology to meet your preferred format and requirements. We produce a very comprehensive Weekly Marketing Report giving you comprehensive feedback on the property so you are aware of what is happening every step of the way so timely and informed decisions can be made. Please let us know how we can be of further assistance regarding the successful sale of this property.

Other Considerations – Safety Issues

There are no known situations that would provide a conflict of interest. There appear to be no obvious safety issues.
Check for Smoke Alarms
Check for Regulated & Significant Trees?
Check Swimming Pools are Adequately Fenced
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Additional Services Available

  • Land Subdivision or Survey
  • Retirement Living
  • Estate Services or Deceased Estates
  • Sales involving Separation or Divorce
  • Mortgagee Sale or pending ‘Foreclosure’ action
  • Retirement Living
  • Business, Commercial or Industrial Sales
  • Surveyor, Engineer or Architect
  • Conveyancer or Solicitor
  • Finance or Insurance Services
  • Getting Your Home or Investment, Ready to Sell
  • Interior Designer, Landscaper or Gardener
  • Building services, Plumbing, Painting or Electrical

Want Proof?

Read our Client Reviews. Sample Market Campaign Reports Show How Successful The Marketing Machine Actually is. This is an opinion of market value and is not a sworn valuation. The report and market appraisal are for the use of the party who it is addressed to and for no other purpose. No responsibility is accepted to any third party who may use or rely on the whole or any part of the content of this report and market appraisal.

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