Ten things a Real Estate agent should never say to you…

Eriks Draiska
Published on July 6, 2016

Ten things a Real Estate agent should never say to you…

From an Original Article by Kate Jones of Domain.com.au entitled:
“Ten things you should never say to your client”

There are lots of winning phrases agents can use on clients and there are many drop-dead clangers. Here are 10 of the worst:

Just cover that hole in the wall with a wardrobe – they’ll never see it.
“By covering up damage you know about, you are being deceitful,” says Janet McNeill.

“While it is not necessarily going to stop settlement, it will leave a nasty taste in the purchaser’s mouth once they move in and see the hole.”

Why don’t you ask your parents for that extra $200K to secure the property?
“Even if a buyer is getting financial assistance from their family, it’s simply not any business of the agent, and your comments will be viewed as offensive,” says  Gavin Rubinstein.

Sorry, I’m unavailable, it’s my day off.
“We are hired to be on call 24/7 and owners will expect you to bring through a buyer even if you’re not technically rostered on,” says Kristy Syaranamual.

“Don’t tell the client that you can’t do something because it’s your day off – it will make an owner think you don’t care about selling their home, and the buyer might feel like you’re not taking them seriously. If you legitimately cannot be there, ‘Sorry, I have another appointment’ might go down a little better.”

I know the seller will accept X amount.
“An agent should never disclose the lowest amount a vendor will accept,” says Andrew Trim.  “An agent who does this essentially gives the seller’s property away – what buyer would offer more money if they don’t need to? Agents who do this only care about the sale, they don’t care about their clients.”

We’re No. 1.
“If there are hundreds of agents claiming to be No. 1, then many must be full of it,” says Eriks Draiska of Plaza Real Estate

“Clients are the No. 1.”

Don’t worry about a building and pest report, it looks pretty good to me.
“We are not builders,” says Elle Connolly.

“I would not have a clue what a healthy sturdy roof is supposed to look like, or where the water damage is coming from? And I am happy to admit that.

“If a buyer wants a building and pest inspection, there is nothing wrong with that. Guide them and help them through the process.”

No, I won’t present that offer
“Offers prior to an auction or in the sales process provide the vendors valuable feedback and signposts in the process of achieving full market value,” says Nikki McCarthy.

Your offer will go through if you don’t include conditions.
“Buyers must stick to their guns, even if it means they miss out on their dream home,” says McNeill.

“Better that than end up in severe financial distress due to pressure and being caught in the emotional blackmail!”

There are five people on the title, but only one of you has to sign.
“Without an Enduring Power of Attorney allowing only one person to sign, this is not possible,” says Draiska.

“All parties are required to sign the Sales Agency and Contract documentation.

“An agent leaves themselves open to question if one of the unsigned parties claims impropriety at a later time. It’s a matter of due diligence.”

There’s no need to leave the house during the buyer inspections.
“Most buyers will feel uncomfortable when the seller is present, and are unlikely to openly engage with the agent,” says Rubinstein.

“As a seller, this is one of the cardinal rules to abide to.”

** Thanks to Kate Jones of the Domain Group for the opportunity to provide input. – from Eriks Draiska of Plaza Real Estate.

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