11 Ways Turn Off Home Buyers & How to Avoid the Same Seller Mistakes

Eriks Draiska
Published on July 7, 2016

11 Ways Turn Off Home Buyers & How to Avoid the Same Seller Mistakes

Before you start showing buyers around, you need to look around for a few things that might be somewhat discouraging to them.
They will without a doubt be comparing many houses and will readily push yours aside with the slightest reason. You need to be aware of some seller mistakes that turn off potential buyers.
These are on top of basics, like clean & tidy, decluttering, fixing broken and dated fittings, dated wall coverings and removing unpleasant odours.

Seller Mistakes & Things That Turn Off Potential Home Buyers

  1. Carpet over hardwood floors

Many people really like hardwood floors, they add a wonderful design element to your house. They’re also very easy to clean and don’t retain dirt like carpets do. Many sellers make the mistake of covering up their hardwood floors and opting to display carpet. Make sure to show off your gleaming hardwood floors and leave the buyer to decide if they want them covered or not. If you don’t have hardwood floors, make sure your carpets and floor coverings are super clean

  1. Using a bedroom for other purposes

All home buyers are interested in the number of bedrooms the house they intend to buy has. If you converted a bedroom into something like a home office, it is advisable to revert it back before you put the house for sale. The buyer may not find the home office as useful as you found it. Not only does it impact a buyers ability to visualize a living space but offices are often a source of clutter.

  1. Turning your kid’s room into a miniature theme park

Since children are very creative and free spirited, many parents turn their bedrooms into something that resembles a Disneyland ride. This turns off buyers as they might have teenage kids who do not require all the fantastic decorations. Let the new house owner have the opportunity to decide what to do with each of the bedrooms.

  1. Dirty dishes in the sink

House buyers are very sensitive about how you have been taking care of your house before they buy it. They need to see the house at its best so please be sure your kitchen is as clean as it can possibly be. A dirty sink always sends the wrong impression and is surprisingly common. The same applies to cleaning up wet areas such as bathrooms and laundry.

  1. Asking buyers take off their shoes

It is not rude to ask potential buyers to remove their shoes when entering you’re home. Especially, if you’ve got light coloured floor coverings. They, however will be turned off by the idea of it, so be prepared to handle the situation accordingly. I recommend having a stock of disposable booties they can quickly wrap around their shoes rather than taking off their shoes.

  1. Pet toys laying around the house

While we’re huge animal lovers, not every prospective home buyer is. One common thing that’s overlooked when preparing your house for a showing is your pet. If you have a pet then make sure everything such as dog food and pet toys are stored away properly. Having dog toys laying around in random rooms in the house may not be as appealing to a potential buyer who isn’t as pet friendly as you are. Also especially make sure animal droppings around the yard are removed. You may love your pet… but the buyers have to love the home. Don’t let your pets get in the way.

  1. Having a family room in the garage

Just because you decided to use the garage as an extra games or family room doesn’t necessarily mean your buyer wants the same setup. Make sure if you have changed your garage in any way you revert it back to a basic structure with no clutter so they can visualize what they would like to do with it. Arrange storage of items if necessary.

  1. Smell of cigarettes in every room of your house

Over time, the smell of smoke infiltrates your home. It gets into the carpets, curtains, wood panelling and just about everywhere. That’s one of the big seller mistakes & a turn-off to most buyers today.

Getting rid of the smell can be a big job. If you’re a smoker, seriously consider how you want to present your home to the market. For a long-term smoke-filled home, it means painting, removing carpets, and doing lots of deep cleaning. If you don’t do it, don’t expect to get top dollar for your home.

Here’s an article on How to help remove the smell.

  1. Installing over-the-top light fixtures

It is true that a beautiful chandelier can increase the intensity of a room. It can, however, contribute to turning off a potential buyer who may prefer simpler and less ornamental fittings. If you have overly flamboyant light fixtures, it is recommended that you remove them before putting your house for sale and keep them stored till you move into your next home. Again, this all goes back to how neutral you are keeping the house, this way you can keep from clashing stylistically with any potential buyers.

  1. Poor marketing is another of the biggest seller mistakes

No address given, makes it hard for buyers to research and do their homework.
No photos or ones that look like they were taken with a phone. Show your place in its best light so buyers can imagine themselves there.
No price guide. This frustrates buyers and acts like a flashing stop sign. Your premium buyers may simply not show up.

  1. Goldilocks & the three bears… has a great question

Is it too hot or too cold or is it just right? This applies to many things in your property.  Importantly, buyers must feel comfortable if this is to become their new home!
Is the air-conditioning & heating turned on and working effectively? Is the lighting at the right brightness? Extra bright globes are great, but are they too bright? (Consider LED)
Are the rooms too full or too empty? Your home needs to ‘feel’ just right throughout.
Goldilocks may have been a free loader but truly captivated buyers will pay you handsomely!

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