Father in Law Day – July 30 – It’s About Family

Eriks Draiska
Published on July 26, 2016

Father in Law Day – July 30 – It’s About Family

Father in Law Day is a wonderful occasion for you to strengthen your relationship and to spend quality time with your father-in-law, because let’s face it, depending on his age, he won’t be around forever and ever.

This is your opportunity to break through his tough exterior. If he’s a happy soul, then it’ll be even easier to surprise him on Father in Law day.

Chances are he might be a loving, funny and cheerful old man or a bit grumpy or intimidating. Regardless of his personality and charms, this day is dedicated to your spouse’s Dad who certainly deserves recognition.

Seeing as Father in Law Day was created by greeting card companies, you could take the easy road and just send him a lovely card, try hand-made if you like or write a thoughtful letter from your family.

If he’s been your encourager, mentor, and champion, show how much he is appreciated. Don’t worry Mother in Law won’t miss out as she has her special day nominated on October 26, the last Sunday in October. Though it might pay to include her as well.

Maybe a better way to show how much you care and love him is to organise a family event like a BBQ, a walk in the park with the grandchildren (Bring the umbrellas), or depending on his hobbies and passions, a special night out. Perhaps ask him to tell some stories from his past… you can always hear them again, one more time.

Father in Law Day is not a family obligation, though it is a day when you can show just how much you care, bond with your father in law, and tell him how right he was to encourage his son into marrying you.

Any excuse for showing gratitude, appreciation and caring about members of your family is a wonderful idea. If things are a little strained, then perhaps you can make the first move to improve how things are going.

We trust you enjoyed these words of encouragement to keep your family as happy as possible.

As I keep telling my daughter: ‘Friends are Fun, but Family comes First.’ At Plaza Real Estate, we’re about Family as well.

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