How To Become The In Demand Property On The Market

Eriks Draiska
Published on May 3, 2016

How To Become The In Demand Property On The Market

You can tremendously boost the interest in your property, when it’s time to sell.

Include additional key features and making the most of the buyer appeal for these.

Whether you have lived in your home for two or twenty years, when the time arrives to sell your home you must change how you view your property.

You need to view your home as a ‘product’ that is for sale.

Like a good ‘shopkeeper’, you want your ‘product’ to attract the interest of buyers and stand out from the competing products on the ‘store shelf’.

Of course it can be difficult to change how you see your property.

The memories that you have made there, paired with the emotional attachment you feel for your home, can make it a difficult mental switch.

You do however, want the buyers to be emotionally attached… You want them to buy with their hearts and not their head.

Try to be emotionally detached. Making that mental transition will benefit you financially.

Your goal is to move quickly into the contract stage with few hold ups in price negotiation and reductions.

Property owners that do this usually sell for greater financial value. A goal that every seller should have when selling their property.

What are buyers looking for in a home?


The homes that sell the fastest and are on the market for the least amount of time usually have lots of the hot features that buyers in today’s market find appealing and desirable.

A good salesperson knows that the key to making a product appealing is to understand what the consumer wants and to provide the product that fills that need.

People selling their home should do the same with the sale of their property.

So, become the ‘In demand property’.

When you’re in the stages of preparing to put your home up for sale, you should consider making minor renovations, upgrades and improvements.

Thoroughly cleaning the property, landscaping and some staging are a great help also.

Read more in the Preparing Your Home for Sale Report here.

In today’s housing market, the majority of buyers are looking for turnkey homes.

Ones that are ready for the buyer to move in as soon as the paperwork of the property purchase is complete.

Buyers will pay a premium not to have to do any work themselves.

People seem to be less proficient these days, so use this to your advantage.

The more ‘move in ready’ features, a property has, the better it attracts potential buyers.

Focus the upgrading of your property on kitchens and bathrooms


It is a well-known and well established rule of real estate that the kitchen, bathroom and wet areas, can make or break the sale of a property.

If your home’s kitchen or bathroom is outdated or a little tired, consider an upgrade that could bring some life into the rooms and attract buyers.

A simple lick of paint can work wonders in these areas.

Paint cabinets white to give a bright and clean look to your kitchen. Consider new handles including some new counter tops.

Old and tired faucets should be replaced with fresh new units.

Upgrades should be seen as an investment.

You may see an incredible return on the moderate amount you need to spend to brighten up the key features of a property.

Make the most of your property’s key features

Industry experts know that a property with certain features is more likely to sell faster.

Even if you are unable to upgrade your home, you may already be blessed with some of the hot features that are on most buyers’ wish lists.

Home features that are in demand help to sell a property faster, so if you have them make the most of these features.

Home sellers must think like the CEO of a company selling their new product, fashion accessory, or gadget, for their industry.

A smart seller finds out what their audience wants and adapts their product to meet the demand of their customers.

You can get some of these ideas by visiting new builder display homes or view their websites to see what is hot and what is not.

You don’t need to spend big dollars on your upgrade projects. You are not competing with the ‘brand new’ homes on market.

You do however want to make your own place more appealing than others of your homes’ vintage that are on the market.

When you are ready to sell your home, consider the needs of your potential buyer and turn your property in to an in demand product that will attract buyers.

They’ll pay you handsomely!

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