Set Sale – A Buyers Guide

Eriks Draiska
Published on March 27, 2017

Set Sale – A Buyers Guide

The Best Opportunity to Buy Top Properties is Within the First 30 Days on the Market.

Some properties stay on the market for months but they are the ones, which are either overpriced, badly presented or poorly marketed.

 ‘SET SALE’ aims to end that by properly marketing the property and allowing all potential buyers every opportunity to negotiate.

Unlike an auction where there is no expected price guide. A ‘Price Range’ is provided as a general guide between where you should negotiate.

Rather than having to negotiate the Vendor’s price down, as in conventional sales, price ranges within the set date sale, allow a ‘win/win’ negotiation between purchaser and seller.

The property is marketed intensely with a set date sale campaign over 3 weeks. This usually includes open inspections over 4 weekends and 2 mid-week opens.

The set sale date is either on the Monday or Tuesday following the last weekend’s open inspection.

This is the under consideration phase where all the offers are considered by the vendor and negotiations proceed.

As a Purchaser – You have two set sale options you may take.

Set Sale – Option 1

After deciding realistically what you are prepared to pay for the property, (to assist you to establish this we suggest you compare it to others you have seen) you may place an offer at any time prior to the ‘SET SALE’ date.

You can pick up an offer form at the open inspection or visit our Plaza Real Estate site. Then Select the Buy Tab & Click the Offer Form link to download it.

Once you have completed and returned it to us. We will present it to the vendor.

Naturally, this will allow you to avoid last minute competition with other interested buyers.

Set Sale- Option 2

If you are not quite certain, you may register your interest and you will be contacted two days prior to the final set date sale date to see if you wish to firm up a formal offer.

If you wish, we will contact you should another firm offer come in before the ‘SET SALE’ date… just indicate on the form.

Of course, you will be advised regardless of the outcome.

In other words, the owner will consider all offers prior to and for a ‘consideration period’ after the ‘SET SALE’ date.

Remember that the owner may choose to accept an offer at any time during the set date sale campaign.

It’s wise to put your best foot forward as it were to secure the property you love.

The aim, of course, is for you have bought your new home and say to your friends…

If you wish to make an offer for the set sale property, please discuss it with our Sales Consultant. On the other hand, if you wish to register your interest, simply fill out the Offer Form, which we will gladly provide.

Are you are thinking of selling a property and would like to know more about set date sale? You may like read Set Sale – A Sellers Guide.

PS ‘Set Date‘ Sale is a Similar Strategy to ‘Set Sale‘ but the name is Copywrited.

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