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Saved From the Bank
I sold my house in less than three weeks with multiple offers and I’m very happy with Eriks and Plaza Real Estate. The house I sold was my own home as I had rented out for a few years to help some tenants out. Regrettably, they took advantage of this and left owing me a lot of money as well as leaving the house damaged and in a real muddle. I asked Eriks for help. He made many visits to my property when I was getting it ready. In fact, he made a lot more visits to the house before it went on the market than he did when it was selling. He really understood my situation and the difficulties the tenants had put me in both financially with them not paying rent and having left the house in a poor state. Eriks gave me sound professional and practical advice on how to get it fixed up. He worked with me every step of the way whilst encouraging me to get the house on the market before outside pressures were added. The gas was also disconnected as the tenants owed thousands of dollars by using the ducted gas heating 24 hours a day. Because the tenants left owing so much money, the mortgage still had to be paid but without their rent, it fell behind in payments. With my approval, Eriks spoke to the bank regularly on my behalf to keep them off my back. Without Eriks talking to them I’m sure they would not have allowed me time to get everything ready and I could have lost my place in a mortgagee sale. Matt previously of Golden Grove
He’ll Make Rough into Smooth!
We’d been married 26 years. Things changed. We’d tried counselling, it didn’t get better. We were different people with different wants in life. Our 2 sons and daughter were all married and had families of their own. We were amicable but had to sell up, as neither of us wanted to stay in the house. I arranged for 3 agents and Margaret's friend suggested the 3rd one. My 3 were okay and talked as if they were on my side, so I expected hers to do the same and to be on her side. Well, he wasn’t. His name was Eriks and he spoke to both of us. He understood we wanted to move on and that things were difficult enough for us. He said he would make the sale as simple as possible. He understood that we needed to make tough decisions and he guided us through them. He explained that we both would get regular reports, updates and feedback from any buyers or enquiries made. During the whole process, he and his team never made us feel as though we were being judged. We sold in 28 days using their set date system and we both had a bit more money in our pockets than hoped for. If your life is a bit rough around the edges, talk to Eriks. He’ll help you smooth them out. Joseph and ex-Margaret.
You Won’t Get Misled!
We sold our Modbury North home a few years ago with Eriks team. There was absolutely no fuss and we always knew what was happening along the way. Everything was done as promised and then even more. Eriks clearly explained the process and systems they use, so there were no surprises. The photographs they took really showed off our home including Sunsets and the local creek setting where families could rest and play. The ad copy really highlighted the joys of our previous home. This lead to a fabulous sale price in under 6 weeks. When we knew one of our friends in the old street wanted to move, we recommended they speak to Eriks. Unfortunately, they ignored our suggestion. They were on the market with 3 different agencies from November and finally sold 2 years later for a price almost $200,000 less than first asked. Ouch! I still tease my friends how they managed to get it so wrong. Call Eriks and hear what he has to say because he won’t let you down You’ll get straightforward advice on how to achieve a sale that you can bank on. We did! Malcolm and Bethany V. Wattle Park
We're Glad We Took His Advice
We were downsizing and sold our Courtyard Home with Eriks over a year ago. We had an exceptionally pleasant experience. He was kind and thoughtful and gave us space when we needed it. There with no fake sincerity because he really cared. More importantly, he negotiated fiercely on our behalf and secured what to us was a dream selling price. As he described there was a process with his selling system. This led to us having a choice between competing buyers. There was one offer we were particularly interested in and Eriks counselled us against it, as he said the agency they were with had overpriced it. As part of his regular follow-up, he recently explained that the offer we were originally keen on had only settled after 392 days on the market. Their price dropped many times with differing agents from a high of $695-$725,000 until it finally sold at $595,000. They sold for $125 grand less than they were told. These buyers could never have bought our place. My wife and I were so glad that we could trust Eriks advice. We urge you to do the same. Brett and May T. St Peters
Help, When You Really Need It
My elderly parents purchased their lovely colonial home in Fairview Park through Eriks many, many years ago and they enjoyed their life together there. Eriks regularly stayed in touch and visited from time to time. He was saddened to hear when my father passed away. He would still call our mother and also speak to us. Mother died 4 years later. When she was ill in hospital Eriks visited her with his young daughter which brought delight into the room. Eriks of course assisted my wife and I as well as my brother and his wife to prepare the home for sale and made some sensible recommendations. He helped us tremendously through a difficult time. The house sold and it was time to say goodbye to their home. If you need any help at all with a deceased estate, let Eriks help you to reduce your burden. Eriks still stays in touch with us of course. Ron M. Fairview Park
Heed the Advice
My sister Lyn needed to sell her Modbury Heights home. She had been unwell for a few years and upkeep for the size of the home and yard were becoming too much for her. I asked Eriks to talk to her as he had helped my lad and his wife buy their first home in Highbury. Eriks told Lyn to expect around $340,000 or so. His reasoning was that there was a fair bit of repairs to be made by the new owners and that they would want to replace the kitchen and update all of the wet areas. Lyn understood this but was swayed by another agency claiming she would get between $350,000 and $370,000 as it stood. It took her 8 months to sell with those agents and another month awaiting settlement. It wasn’t only that she got $316,000 which was even less than Eriks had suggested. But she had to endure at least 6 months longer than it should have taken if she had taken Eriks advice. Bruce G. Tea Tree Gully.
My friends Derek and Yvonne were coming to live in the same retirement village as me. They had been in their 1960’s built, Valley View home for 37 years. As Eriks had previously sold my home I asked if it was alright if they invited him over for a chat. Which they did. Derek is fastidious and loved their home. They both did of course. Derek told me he did not choose Eriks as he said their place was worth $325000 to $330000. Derek, of course, wanted more. Well, he got it alright. He got the other agent to agree that it was worth a lot more. So they advertised between $345000 to $365000 and Derek was delighted. Based on that, Derek and Yvonne signed up for a unit in the village and started advertising their house for sale. They had to sell within 2 months to secure the unit. That delight was shortlived of course. They did find a buyer within the time allowed, but the only offer was for $320000. This left them over $20,000 short and as Derek did not want to dip into their savings they had to buy a different unit in our village. Albeit a slightly older one with a smaller living area. I did not remind him that they should have listened to Eriks but Yvonne knows. She’s told Derek off for not paying attention. I heartily commend you to listen carefully to what Eriks has to say, as he does not mislead. Charlotte V.
Words vs Actions
My sister Martha decided to sell her traditional sized Paralowie home and buy something more modern, compact and easy to look after. She’d had a few appraisals and I suggested she talk to Eriks as he’d helped my husband Brian and I to sell our place, then buy another home. Nothing was too much trouble or difficult for him. Eriks told Martha, she would likely sell around two hundred and fifty thousand dollars or so. She chose another agency promising to get her $270,000 and up to $280,000. That sounded great and I was pleased for her. 7 months later she was not pleased, as the price kept dropping until she finally got an offer at $240,000. A full 30 thousand dollars less she was assured by the other agency. She’s sorry she backed the wrong horse here. Their talk was cheap but it has cost my sister plenty. She was still able to buy another place but she had to borrow thousands more than she intended. I have no trouble in recommending Eriks to you, I know he will not let you down. Beth B. Oakden
Country Estates
Eriks truly helped me sell my home in Wynn Vale so I could move to a retirement village that I had selected to live in. My daughter introduced him to me and he never let me down, keeping me informed and at ease throughout the sale and negotiations. Some years later, my son and his wife were separating and needed to sell their newly built though incomplete home near the Barossa. Eriks visited and gave them some sound advice as far as I was told by my son. He told them they should anticipate around $350,000 or perhaps up to $360,000 as there was a lot of yard work remaining. Carpets, curtains and light fixtures were also still needed. He explained that buyers would take this into account when making offers. However, they chose a country agent who assured them $420000 was what it was worth in its current state. What a rogue, he turned out to be. When my own home sold the marketing and advertising were impressive, to say the least. Theirs was not, I’m sure some of the photos were taken on a phone camera as many of the images were blurred and at badly proportioned angles. Because of this, my son and his wife had their property on the market for one full year and 3 more months. The sales figure was close to one hundred thousand dollars less than implied. I wish they had listened to Eriks advice. Nora G. Mawson Lakes
Broken Dreams
We’d built a beautiful home in the northern suburbs where we were going to spend our remaining decades in. That was the plan but both of our working circumstances changed and opportunities came up for us in Western Australia. We moved interstate with the intention of staying a few years until we got back on our feet as then we were going to move back into our dream home. We rented it out in the meantime with a local company as Eriks only sells property and does not rent it. Things changed again and we decided to stay in Perth for good. As Eriks had successfully sold our first home in Gepps Cross many years ago, we asked him to look at our new one. He suggested a price which we were not happy with as it was only a bit more than it had cost us. Our new place had everything including larger rooms, solar power and more. We chose the agent managing our property to sell it. What a mistake that was. Eriks provided sales advice and pointed out there was a fair bit of wear and tear since it had been tenanted. We ignored this as our hearts were still in the home and we wanted to hope and believe. The other agency finally sold, our now less than perfect dream home, 10 months later for 50 thousand dollars less than the price we were told we would get. We had to sell, even though it was below our own cost of building in the first place. In reality, we accept, that if we had stuck with Eriks we would have gotten a better price than we did and the condition of the property would not have deteriorated. Steve and Irene L. Perth
You Cannot Spend a Promise
My neighbour Avin and his family were looking for a larger home as they had a new baby on the way. I introduced them to Eriks as I’d bought my place through his company. Eriks always stayed in touch with me and had dropped in from time to time or had one of his team call me to say hello and see if I needed anything. Eriks missed out on their business. Avin said this was because Eriks price was too low. Avin had picked a big brand name company who told him he’d get between $335 and $355 thousand dollars. I must admit I was stoked with this high a price and hoped it was true as this made my place worth more too. Bunkum and Codswallop! Avin finally sold for just over $300 thousand. He later admitted this was even less than Eriks told him. I was disappointed and saddened for Avin, I knew he could now not afford the new home his wife had set her heart upon for their growing family. Ankash P. Modbury North
Hook, Line and Sinker
I’d sold with Eriks before and introduced him to my uncle and family who lived around the corner from me. My sale was spick and span, quick and easy, with plenty of competition from the buyers. I knew Eriks would do the same for them. That was not to be, as my uncle had a close fishing friend who suggested someone else. They promised so much more than Eriks indicated and this swayed my uncle to proceed with them. The promise was a sale within a $430k to $450k range. Except that it took five and a half months and sold at $383k. Almost $50 grand less than the lowest price he was promised. I’ve teased him a few times since, telling him he was taken in, hook, line and sinker. He should have listened to Eriks. Thankfully other friends and family have since taken my advice. It was a very expensive fishing lesson for my uncle. Talib. N. Gilles Plains
Three Times Happy
Eriks had sold 2 of my properties before when I divorced from my previous wife many years ago. I had remarried and my current wife and I had refurbished a fairly basic cottage on a hammerhead block into a lovely new home. We asked Eriks for his advice and expertise. Mary was also pleased with his guidance and reassurance. He suggested a number of minor changes and touch-ups before beginning any marketing. He stressed that we had to get people to come onto the block and inside the home. This was because our cosy home had very little in the way of street appeal and the neighbour fronting the road was rather untidy and a bit noisy. Eriks used tact and his diplomacy skills and worked with the neighbour to reduce his clutter whilst we were on the market and to turn down the music for open inspections. The music was not heard on our side but it would have been a little worrying to buyers. We had plenty of buyers as Eriks used all of his marketing skills, to invite and intrigue them. We’d made a feature of staggered white roses, repainted the front of the garage, thoroughly greened up the lawns as suggested and made a ‘wow’ impression on buyers walking up the long drive. We sold just over the middle of the price range stated. Thanks again Eriks. Mark M.
Frank and Fearless Conversations
We met Eriks at an open inspection whilst searching for a property for our son. He phoned us the next day, to follow up and get feedback with our opinion of the property we’d attended. During the conversation, we answered in the affirmative that we had other property to sell. In fact, one of our investment properties had been on the market with a well-known agency for quite some months to no avail. There had been no offers made and disappointingly very little in the way of communication and reporting from them. We requested Eriks opinion and arranged to meet him at the investment property. He was polite and enquiring with both of us as well as the tenants. He recommended a few minor changes and agreed to continue discussions at our home. He was very thorough in discussing the state of the market and showed us in detail what properties had actually been sold for, surrounding our asset. He was forthright in his discussions and did not hold anything back. We discovered that we had been misled in pricing. We took the house off the market for a short while to attend to the recommendations made and invested in a comprehensive marketing plan. Amongst other things, Eriks had new photographs taken and photoshopped along with interesting and welcoming copy and at an attractive price. As we were impressed with the level of competence and reporting we elected to place another investment property on the market with him at the same time. Both properties sold a short time apart. We were ecstatic with the process, prices achieved and always felt we knew what was going on. Bob and Sue C.
12 Months Later
My ex-husband Don continued living in our marital home as I had moved to the country with work, after our separation, some years before. It was time for me to buy a new home, so our original house had to be sold. A mutual friend had recommended Eriks. He went to see Don and appraised the place. Eriks suggested it should sell between $310-$320,000. Don wanted more as he had not enough savings and did not want to borrow much. Don chose a mates friend to sell it. The asking price was $350-$355,000. The mate's friend tried and tried and tried some more, for a full 12 months without changing the price or altering the advertising or making any useful recommendations. The mate's friend just kept doing the same thing and got us nowhere. I had missed out on buying 4 different new homes in the meantime. When we finally got a low offer, we had to push the agent to negotiate the buyer up to $315,000 which was within Eriks’ original estimate anyway. Some mate that was. Not happy Jan. If it sounds too good to be true, it’s probably not true. Don was even more ticked off as he had to put up with the opens, which there were not many actually and he still had to borrow extra money anyway. What a waste of a year for both of us. Now I know why Eriks offers his guarantee. Jan R. Moonta
Warning Bells
My aunt was in financial difficulty as the banks were chasing her. Eriks had helped me a while ago. My mother and I asked him to help her sister, who was my aunt. He gave her some great ideas on getting her 2 storey home with an inground pool ready for sale and provided the names of reputable tradespeople to do some repairs. She told us later that Eriks had said her place would sell for about $400,000 give or take. She wanted more to clear her mortgage debt and to have enough to buy another car. She re-mortgaged her place for $450,000 with a non-bank lender and paid out her first bank. She did not use Eriks but firstly used an agent from the other side of town who advertised at $500-$520,000 for 3 months. She then changed agents to another who advertised at $450,000 for a further 10 months, finally selling at $375,000. So after 13 months on the market, she sold her place and still owes her non-bank lender over $70,000. If my aunt had used Eriks, she could have cleared her debts, still had a good-standing with her credit rating and walked out with some money in her pocket. My aunt is not a greedy person, she’s lovely and is devasted for having been taken for a ride by the unscrupulous finance broker, non-bank lender and 2 bull** talking agents. Eriks was upset to have heard about this but not surprised. He said he’d seen this sort of thing occur many times, so asked me to put it in writing as a warning to what can happen, when it all goes horribly wrong. Beth S. Modbury North
Dreams Altered
We had built the home of our dreams and had lived there for over a decade. My wife had become ill, so we needed to downsize. We called in Eriks, who thoroughly explained the market and current sale conditions. He showed us an in-depth marketing plan and suggested we should sell for around $600,000 or so. The other agent said he could do better and achieve $650,000. Well, $50 grand would go a long way in helping us with our new place. If only it were true. It took us just under 6 months to sell. Being constantly bombarded with what was wrong with our place was further depressing my wife and I. We just kept dropping the price and finally sold for $575,000. This was $75,000 under what the other agent had said. That agent just kept saying the market had changed, but I don’t believe him. He still got paid and Eriks who was upfront with us did not. We regret not having listened to Eriks. Eric and Nancy C. Modbury North
We Shoulda’ Listened
My wife and I purchased an unoccupied house on a sizeable block from Eriks. There were always a lot of other buyers at the open inspections because the land was capable of being subdivided. We knew competition would be intense, which it was. On Auction day, there was strong bidding and we paid more than we were hoping to. We bought it to split the block in two. Our aim was to sell one and build our own new home on the other side. Some months later after the house was demolished and blocks split, we decided to ask Eriks advice. He gave us a price he reckoned the smaller block should sell for. He also said we could ask a bit more, though there was the danger of over-pricing and making other blocks look better value. Of course, we had other appraisals. We chose another agent who was confident they would get a much higher price than Eriks suggested and they would also do it for less. We were ecstatic and I started counting our profits with the promise of being able to afford to build a bigger home than we first intended. We spoke to our builder again to review our original plans to add another bedroom and larger second living area. We also contemplated building a second storey as well. Wow, we thought we had it made. I’ll repeat that “We thought…” Well it did not happen! We sold alright but it took almost 6 months, after dropping, dropping and dropping our asking price with the other agency. We sold for far, far less than we were ‘Promised’ by the other agent and even less than Eriks said was a realistic price for a block of our size. Of course, we could not afford to build the bigger home now, in fact the home we wanted had also gone up in price after all that time and we paid interest on both blocks in the meantime. We had also been paying rent on our place long after we hoped to have moved into our new place by. Our hopes were well and truly dashed. My wife said again, we should have stuck with Eriks. She felt comfortable in all the dealings we had with him when we first bought. She’s right. We will only use Eriks in all future property matters and have asked our friends to do the same. Be careful of other agents telling you just what you want to hear. We fell for it and it cost us plenty. Jon & Shea C.
Reliable, Dependable, Confident
I’m an interstate developer and buy properties with subdivision potential. Eriks sold me a vacant, rundown property on a large block. It was clearly identified as needing work both in the advertising text and the photos clearly showed cracks and damage to interior as well as exterior solid brick walls. All dealings were exemplary and transparent. He followed up all phone calls, texts, emails and requests including meeting my builder on site to view and quote for renovations. A short while before settlement the property was vandalized. He worked with the owner by arranging a qualified builder and cleaner to effect reparations. Earlier we had discussed moving in tenants once I took possession. He advised against it due to the amount of cracking and conceivable risk of injury to any occupants without major repairs being made first. My property manager in Adelaide said they’d seen the property a year or so ago and indicated they would have tenants ready to go in to the property in the condition it was in. I flew to Adelaide on settlement day to get the keys. I had 2 surprises on the day. Number 1 was that Eriks met me at the property rather than me having to attend the real estate agents’ office, which was the norm. Number 2 surprise was that the condition of the property was obviously incapable of receiving a tenant without risk of harm as well as any potential liability. Eriks was right. All I can say is, if Eriks says anything to you, just believe him. If he was working in Victoria, I would use him to sell all of my property here. J. Thomas of Melbourne
It's A Matter of Trust
My parents were delighted with the assistance Eriks gave me when I bought my first home a few years ago. Everything was explained clearly to me and I was always kept informed as the sale progressed from signing the paperwork until I moved in. He also stayed in touch after to make sure all was OK. Some time later my parents decided to sell their apartment in Mawson Lakes. They liked the ideas Eriks gave them to help prepare their home for sale. However, they listed with another agent who ‘promised’ them more money for their place and would do it for a lower fee. Eriks was disappointed but not as much as my parents were. It took them over 5 months to sell and they dropped their price by $83,000. So much for the other agency being cheaper. I know that when it comes to selling my place, I’ll use Eriks and his team. I trust in him and can believe what he has to say. You can too. Carly, Salisbury East
I Should Be Mad at Him...
I’m a developer and bought 2 properties through Plaza Real Estate. I purchased the first one some time ago and swore I would not buy another from Eriks. Why? Because I paid more than I bargained for! I had a financial plan in mind allowing for stamp duty, conveyancing, demolition and subdivision costs. However, I really, wanted that property and Eriks negotiated heavily by competing me against the other purchasers. He was absolutely not working for me and unquestionably was acting in the sellers best interests. I was glad many of the other projects I purchased were not like this. He stayed in touch with me (and other developers and investors as it turns out). He recently had another property I was keen on and thought I had it worked out the second time. But he did it to me once more. I paid over budget again. Not once did he suggest I’d get it for less or let me off the hook. I respect his work ethic, negotiation skills and total communication from start to finish. I hope he does not have more property that I want as it has cost me tens of thousands extra to secure them from the other buyers. If he was not such a Gentleman, I’d be mad at him. Tim *** Property Developments.
Gamblers Anonymous
It was a difficult time for us. My husband had a long-time gambling problem and this gotten us into a situation where we had to sell our home. We were introduced to Eriks by a mutual friend because they assured us of his discretion. They were right. Eriks kept our circumstances totally confidential. He helped us get our house ready to sell on a very tight budget as there was little money left to spend. There was never any pressure from him and he kept us up to speed with every aspect of our sale. We sold for a great price after a few weeks and started packing to leave. The house was empty. The furniture truck had taken off and Eriks arrived on Settlement Day with a lovely gift… but, I was in tears. Moments before Eriks arrived, my husband stunned me of the full extent of his betting. All the furniture was to be sold to pay off debts, the house proceeds were all going to service debt, we had nothing left and he was leaving me. All I owned was my car which was full of clothes and personal possessions. Eriks of course was stunned. He immediately asked if I had somewhere to go and offered a place to stay without cost. Fortunately, I had friends to take me in. I was touched that Eriks unreservedly looked to help me in what was the worst moment of my life. This does not come across to most people that meet him, as he is so unassuming and puts the needs of others first. It’s been some years since this happened as I’ve kept this private until now. I still have the Gift Basket as a reminder of his courtesy. Mary. (PS If you know someone with a Gambling Problem, check out the Links of Interest Page at http://plazarealestate.com.au/links-of-interest/ Scroll down to the Support section to find help.)
Well and Truly Over & Above Expectations
Eriks and his Conveyancer drove from Adelaide to Elliston, a small coastal town on the other side of Eyre Peninsula overnight and then back… a 1400Km round trip. Why did they do this? All to make sure I could get my plane home to Sydney on time. You see, the Buyer had ‘Gone Fishing’ with his friends at the last minute just before he’d signed all the necessary paperwork for Paul the Conveyancer. My house in Redwood Park had been vacant for many years. I’d stay there when visiting family and friends in SA from time to time. It had also become quite rundown. Eriks arranged the clean-up and Sold it quickly for a very good price, whilst I made a special trip to Adelaide to finalise the sale. I am so Thankful that they truly went above and beyond my expectations. Mrs Croydn, Sydney
Life Becomes a Picnic...
We wanted to say 'Thanks' again for your kind present when we purchased our home at auction last year at North Adelaide. We loved the picnic basket, wine, the book, goodies and a lovely note congratulating us on our up and coming wedding. Life had been busy since and we did not have much time for breaks or picnics until recently. We were in McLaren Vale again where we married exactly a year ago to mark our first wedding anniversary and used the picnic basket as part of our celebrations. We thought of you and deeply appreciate the gesture you made for us. Thanks for your kindness. Andreina and Ingo, North Adelaide
Up to the Task and More
Our Elderly friends had no family in Australia... They bought farmland at Waterloo Corner - 60 plus years ago and built their dream home in which they lived until the husband died. Our friend Inga had to move into a Nursing Home. We called Eriks. He’d sold our neighbours house and we saw first-hand the effort he and his team went through. This time he was not only up to the task and went the extra mile with honest updates. He never promised an unrealistic price and there were no hidden costs. The exotic property had multiple offers and sold faster and for more than Inga hoped for. Her retirement living was paid for and she had money to spare. Trevor & Debbie, Para Hills
Sound Advice... All Three Times
We settled in our new home, and we love it! This was our third transaction with Plaza Real Estate. Eriks was first referred to us and helped us get into our home 8 years ago, then found us a great income property 3 years ago now this. His team gave helpful information, sound advice, service that goes beyond the call of duty… what more could you ask for in an agent? They’re the best!’ If you want help, call them! Sold in 18 Days. Ward & June P, North Haven
Referred by a Friend... Now We Recommend Them To You!
We had our home listed with another agent for 122 days with no results. We were getting frustrated, because Richard had been transferred to Brisbane, and was going to have to leave our family behind until the home sold. We were really concerned about the extra costs and about not moving as a family. On the recommendation of a close friend, we called Plaza Real Estate. Eriks and his team told us exactly what we needed to do to get our home sold. To make a long story short, the home sold for our price after only 23 days. We were thrilled!’ Sold in 23 Days. Barbara and Richard W, now in Brisbane
As a result of our divorce, my ex-husband and I needed to sell our home. He wanted to use Plaza Real Estate, because they’d been highly recommended by a co-worker of his. I was sceptical, and wanted to use an agent who worked part time at my office – partially because I wanted someone on ‘my side’. When I met with Eriks’ team, he told me he understood how I felt, and promised to be sensitive to my needs and keep me informed. What a great decision! They exceeded my expectations in every way and worked for both of us so we walked away happy. I wholeheartedly recommend them!’ Sold in 27 Days. Elaine D, Medindie
I rate the service given to me as AA1. Very efficient and pleasant in their approach to viewing by appointment, building inspection, open inspections, signing of contract. Phone contact was very prompt. I was so happy with the result. Sold in 15 Days. Betty D, Mt Barker
We in fact used another agent to list our house as Eriks people told us a price less than ‘promised’ by the big guys. Well Eriks’ team told us the truth as we sold for $73,000 less than ‘promised’ by the others, it took them 114 days we were so disappointed. We know to trust Eriks’ team next time and truly recommend them to you. Nev & Grace K, Kensington
Nursing Home Blues... Sorted
Dad was in a Nursing Home for 2 & ½ years. Then a spot became available in the attached Retirement Village at short notice. Mum had to be ready to go in a very brief time frame. Mum HAD to sell! We’d already bought and sold with Eriks a few times and knew he’d take good care of our parents and make them feel safe and secure. Everything was done as promised and Mum now has her place close to Dad. Sold in 16 Days Danielle and Sean D, Paralowie
Simply Outstanding
We were hesitant in using Plaza Real Estate initially as previously we used a range of other ‘name-brand’ companies, but never more than once... but Eriks and the team were simply outstanding. We were absolutely delighted with everything. We wouldn’t use anyone else! Call them now. Sold in 16 Days. Norm and Joan V, Wynn Vale
Single Parent... No Worries at All
As a single mum of a 7 year old boy I wanted to sell my small home. It needed a fair bit of work. I was quite worried that I wouldn’t get enough for it to buy a newer home with a bigger yard to suit my growing son. Eriks (also a single dad) talked over everything with me, helped arrange tradies to do the work and made my old house really shine. I always knew what was happening without having to ask. The buyers loved it! And I got more than I really hoped for. I’m glad I trusted them Sold in 12 days Davina, Fairview Park
Estate Sale...
My elderly parents died a few months apart. What used to be the family home from so long ago had to be sold. It was a difficult time sorting through items from the estate that were no longer wanted or required by family members. Eriks kindly helped us arrange selling these through his Estate Services as well as helping get the home ready for sale. And sell it did, for a great price and in a short time. Our extended family was very happy as they were kept up to date and it was all stress-free. So, call them. Sold in 35 days Naomi and Kevin R, Glenelg
It had to happen, my partner of 17 years decided to leave me. We couldn’t agree on anything. Fortunately a mutual friend of both of ours suggested we call Eriks because of his experience in couples separating or going through divorce, I’m glad I did. He worked for ‘both of us’ to sell our property for top dollar without complicating our already difficult situation. He stayed in constant contact by phone, SMS and email CC’ing both of us and provided Weekly Market Reports to keep us updated to what was happening and when. We’ve moved on in our separate lives and are Thankful Eriks made it easy for us. Sold in 39 Days. Cecile K. Norwood
The Extra Mile
‘Thanks for going the ‘extra mile’ to make sure we were looked after in all aspects. Your patience in ensuring we understood the things that were not familiar to us was very comforting. Sold in 22 Days. Michael & Marion C, Magill
Selling an Investment Property Here from Overseas?
We left our family home to pursue work and study overseas and had rented our property for a short while, in case we were returning to Adelaide. Promotions soon followed and we decided to sell up after all. We’d used Eriks and his staff previously and asked them to take care of the sale. They negotiated with the tenants & rental manager to allow regular Inspections, arranged some minor repairs and improvements on our behalf. Put in place a brilliant marketing plan. Kept us fully informed by phone, SMS, fax and email along the way even though we were so far away. Of course we were anxious but never worried as they had never let us down before. Our lovely home sold promptly to new owners and we could use the money to pursue our overseas dreams. Sold in 42 days Karl and Inga J. London.
Selling an Investment Property Here from Interstate?
Our St Agnes home had been an Investment property for the last 4 years as we moved to Sunny Queensland. Previous neighbours suggested calling Eriks and his crew at Plaza Real Estate. They worked with the tenants to show prospective buyers through on a regular basis. We had local friends check up on what was happening as we were so far away and they told us exactly the same as was being reported, so we knew Plaza Real Estate was really looking after our interests even though we were not there. We always knew what was going on and never had to call to find out. They were on the ball. The upshot, we got our sale and the money we were after. We’ve gladly referred other business to Eriks’ team and now recommend them to you. Sold in 39 days Johnnie and Jessie C, Gold Coast
If You Run a Shop... Call Them
We did not have a great deal of time to spend at home, the Shop took up almost all of our time. Sales, ordering stock, managing staff etc. was always on our mind. Luckily one of our loyal team told us about Eriks’ Company and we interviewed them as well as 2 others. They did not promise the highest price as I could see from the real data provided that ours was worth what they said, however they were willing to give a higher asking price as shot and they did. They certainly were not the cheapest. (As a shop-owner I understand that great quality comes at a higher price. I have many items that I sell at different price points. Each has their own benefit but the best one, the one that lasts the longest, the one that really does the job, costs more). Part of the reason they cost more was that they did much more than the others and their marketing included things the others were not even aware of. Sold in 43 days Jeremy and Bev D
Stress Relief... Really!
Stress, Stress, Stress… was pretty much all that we felt. My husband had lost his job and my part-time hours were halved. We had missed a couple of car and mortgage payments, so the distressing letters had started. We did not know what to do. I saw an Ad and called the number. Eriks answered. He listened, asked Frank and I a number of questions and listened to the answers. After doing so he asked of it was okay for him to come around and meet with us over a coffee (The cheeky blighter actually asked for a Coffee and a piece of cake). We said “Yes” of course. He was intuitive and dis-arming, he understood where we were coming from and that we were worried about losing everything. He asked if it was alright for him to talk to the bank on our behalf. We said “Yes” again. He’d gained our trust. Anyway he did speak to the Bank, they agreed to work with us while we got the house ready to sell. He was straight up and even to the point of almost being blunt about what we had to do to get the place sold. We realized he was working in our best interests, so trusted his advice and took it. Long story-short, we spent 3 weeks getting it ready and Sold by Auction in 21 days. It was a tough thing to do but we were in control of the sale and not the bank. Thanks to your teams efforts Eriks. Frank and Gladys R
Rainbow or Alternative Lifestyle? You are Safe Here!
We are a Gay Couple and had sold a few times before. We were feeling very apprehensive about doing it again as some agents were not very tolerant or empathetic. Understanding family friends suggested calling in Eriks people and we did. They made recommendations on styling our home to appeal to a broader range of buyers and we followed their advice. They were kind, thoughtful and aware and treated us professionally. We sold quickly and received more for the sale than we anticipated. This enabled us to invest in a better home than we originally thought possible. Sold in 37 days. Jay J and Teana L. Norwood.
Do You Love DIY?
Tony loves DYI, he can adapt to pretty much anything and we were going to sell privately. A friend who’d been down that track recommended asking Eriks about his Partner Program. We did! Tony did the Opens! Plaza did Everything Else! We sold for Top Dollar and saved money to boot. If you are thinking of Selling Privately, talk to Eriks first. Sold in 29 days Maria and Tony De-G.
Need to Sell and Live on a Main Road... No Problem
Our main road had many properties for sale. Many were on the market for months and some for over a year with various agents. We needed to move and could not afford to be on the market for ages like the others. Plazas’ 90 Day Guarantee really appealed to us. We loved the marketing and were kept informed every step of the way. Besides we Sold in 46 days. Malcolm and Talee M, Prospect
We Sold in 18 Days for a Great Price
Gaz got a big raise in salary. We’d been in our place for only 4 years and could now afford a better home for our 3 girls. Prices had not risen as much as we hoped, but as Eriks explained the gap between this and the next one was less than if ours had risen more. It actually meant we could borrow less for the new home we loved. Well, we Sold in 18 days for a great price. You can trust them, like we do. Janet and Gary B, Ingle Farm
They Know How to Negotiate
Eriks team really knows how to negotiate! Otherwise he could not have sold our deceased Greek parents large landholding to Italian buyers for absolute Top Dollar. He ensured our 5 beneficiary families all walked away happy. We even shook hands with the buyers. Sold in 63 days, Agape K, Newton
English... Not Your First Language
My parents wanted to sell our family home, which they purchased though Eriks 6 years ago. They knew they paid top dollar for it then and wanted to make sure he’d get the best money for them as well. He did! We were so excited, as we could then afford a much better home. Because English is not their First Language, he kept them informed by using a Translation App, when needed. We loved the Personal Property Website which starred, just our place, we also used our Facebook friends to promote it through. Sold in 32 days Cecile (16yo), Parafield Gardens
Almost 100 Years Old
Great-Grand-Dad died just short of his 100th birthday. He was living independently in his own unit for many years in Para Hills West. I’d known Eriks for some years and knew how passionate he was about helping people sell their home. We asked for his help in selling. He had many suggestions on preparing the unit, which we took advantage of. He found a number of keen buyers and Sold in 29 days Mark and Trish, Modbury North
They Took the Risk
As business owners we did not have time for a load of nonsense. We needed a guaranteed sale. Eriks team provided us with a Risk-Free Sale and we Sold in 26 days. They took the risk and put their money where their mouth is. Everything was handled professionally and business like. Others were much cheaper but were also of lesser value. The new technologies were far in advance of what others had to offer. Every avenue was used including things we would never have considered, such as the low-brow media of Gumtree and Craigslist which absolutely astounded us because of the additional interest. We can only commend his team and urge you to really listen to what they have to say. We are glad we trusted them, they did not let us down. Benjamin and Janet, Tusmore
My Loving Husband of 63 years
My loving husband of 63 years died after a long illness 3 years ago. I had been muddling along on my own for that time and the garden especially became too hard to bear. My family had been niggling at us, then just to me about moving into a village and I resisted of course. Eventually it became all too much and it was time to go. So, I was ready to move after a lifetime of happy memories. Eriks’ helped me arrange selling furniture, preparing my home and everything else I needed to do. Kindly, respectfully and patiently. Nothing was too much trouble. I was very impressed with all the modern methods of sale and how advanced the strategies were used to sell my home. If you have elder parents or are looking to sell your home of many years, call Eriks team, they’ll work on your behalf as well. Sold in 33 days Ethel P, Parkside
Our Grey Nomad Trip Started Here
We are officially called ‘Empty Nesters’. Our ‘children’ were kids-no-more as they have young ones of their own. The grandkids visited regularly and we loved it, but it was time to go on our ‘Grey Nomad’ trip around Australia. One of our friends from the club recommended we talk to Plaza Real Estate. They were one of 4 companies we spoke to. They understood our independence and supported our wishes and all that jazz. More importantly they provided us with a fabulous comprehensive marketing plan using the latest technology including Social Media and Facebook & got our home sold for Top Dollar. We’re having the great trip of a lifetime which will be years in the making. Hooray! Thanks Eriks, the extra money came in really useful. (Cash for referrals is good to!) Sold in 43 days Ben and Elaine K
A New Man-Cave
Shift-work means I can earn the bucks to take care of my young family. The kids mean everything to the wife and me. We’ve been working hard for years to get ahead and finally saved enough of a deposit for a bigger home with a proper ‘Man-cave’ and room for the missus gear as well. Loads of kids toys and bikes needed better storage, so did my new boat and trailer. It was a bit of a mess in the old place. What to do? A mate at work asked Eriks to call me, I almost said **ss off as I don’t like to be hassled nor does the wife. Well he was polite and understanding (no hassling) and asked us a load of useful questions which puts my mind at ease. Anyway he comes up with a load of ideas to get our place ready, arranges some stuff to be taken off site so our place looks bigger. Well bugger me it looked great. We Sold quick in 29 days and made an offer on another one. Sweet as! Call him. Markus and Bev D, Para Hills
Sold... Under the Hammer
Eriks sold our property at Auction 'Under the Hammer' with an Unconditional Offer well in excess of our expectations. Marketing was excellent, Photos were fantastic, the Copywriting was done by a professional and Signage was brilliant. The Brochures were Full Colour presenting the Benefits of our Property and why the buyers would love it here. He really understood our situation – we were separating - and he worked with both of us, so we wouldn't use anyone else ever again. He'll tell you what it's really worth and won't pressure you into anything. (Mind you he was great at negotiating a higher price from buyers). We were glad he was working for us and not the buyer. Call him today. Sold 21 days Daniel, Redwood Park
We Always Knew What Was Happening
Eriks sold my elderly parents investment property in Modbury a few years ago, after being referred by family. We always knew what was happening as he always gave us a considered opinion and told it the way it was. He said what we needed know and not just something we wanted to hear like others have done to us in the past. He worked with the tenant and sold it in 16 days with multiple offers. We were thrilled. He also recently helped us prepare our own property for sale at Blakeview and Sold that in 23 days. We thoroughly recommend you use him to sell your property. We know, you'll be extremely happy as l am. Amy D, Craigmore
Sold our Family... 3 Times
Eriks Sold 3 of our families’ properties in various locations, very quickly and well in excess of our expected selling price and handled them expertly. Eriks really cared about us, not just the property because he's a real people person. We were very impressed with the Conveyancer & Valuer recommended to us as well. We were always kept informed and knew he was working on OUR side. We'd used cheaper agents in the past and they all lost us money with poor negotiations, crappy marketing or they simply didn't care after they listed us. Eriks was worth every dollar and more. You must meet with him, ask him the tough questions because you'll be glad when he sells your place too. You’ll know he's working in your best interests, like he did for us. Recommend him to your friends and family as well. Barry and Lisa, Hillcrest
Combined Families
I had my place, Steve had his. Both were too small for our now combined families. We wanted to sell both so we could all fit into one big new family home. The kids all got on and were very happy that we had finally got it all together. Eriks had sold for my family before so we asked him to help us now. We sold in no time at all and absolutely love our new place which has a fabulous back yard with lots of room. Of course we got a dog and 2 rabbits to keep the kids happy. We love it here. Jenny & Steve, Mawson Lakes
Saved us from the Bank
We were going to lose our home of 35 years to the bank! We’d hit some hard times and nasty letters from the finance companies were piling up. We were so worried and were almost ready to give up and let the bank Foreclose and take away our much loved home. Luckily we were introduced to Eriks’ team. He’s had years of experience in dealing with similar events. He contacted the Bank and got them to work with us. He helped arrange much-needed repairs with trustworthy contractors. Our home was on the market and sold in 4 weeks at Auction. Sold in 27 days (PS His Auctioneer since won the Golden Gavel & an Award at REISA Championships) Marg’ and George N, Edwardstown
Simple and Painless
“As parents of 4 kids under 7 years of age we had to find a bigger & brighter home. We wanted to sell ours in Klemzig first so we could negotiate a better price on the other side. We knew it’d take longer to sell as ‘clean and tidy’ doesn’t equal 4 active youngsters. Eriks and his company had successfully sold other family members homes in the past and we wanted to use them as well. They made it un-complicated, simple and painless. (They even left treats ‘With our Approval’ on the kids beds to reward them for keeping their rooms clean at inspection times). Anyway they made it easy. We didn’t have Opens all the time, just regularly spaced ones to work in with our family routines and then Inspections by appointment. We Sold in 67 days which was much faster than we expected given our circumstances. We ended up buying a much bigger home than planned and love it. Blessings to your team Eriks. Stacey and Kevin R Oakden.”
Thank you Mr Eriks
“Mr Eriks helped my Mummy and Daddy and my 2 younger sisters sell our lovely home so we could afford a big new one. We love it there. Thank you Mr Eriks and your nice team. Benjamin K (6yo), Salisbury East.”


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