Is Your Club, Group, School or Organization Looking For Sponsorship?

If You are… Great!

However, if you just want a Cash Donation, this is not the place. We allocate funds to assist numerous Charities each year and that List is Full.

This is about Long-Term Support where it’s a Win-Win-Win situation for Your Club, For Us and Anyone Referred.
(Club refers to any group including sports, schools, charities, special interest, social groups, service clubs and so on…)

Refer a Friend for a CASH REWARD!

Each & Every Time – You or one of Your Members Recommend Someone,

Who Lists & Sells with us!

So, Don’t Keep Us a Secret… Tell Everyone You Know!


How Will You Do This & Know a Referral Came From Our Club?

There are 3 Ways:

1) Your Club will get its own Special, Unique Webpage. This will be Branded with your Clubs colours, logos and details. Anyone using it will alert us that it came from your club. We’ll know where to send the sponsorship money.

Here is a Sample Page. The Image & Logo will, of course, be changed to match to your Clubs branding.

2) Your Club will get its own Branded ‘What’s Your Home Worth‘ Landing Page. Where members & non-members can get an online property evaluation.

You then include your Unique Webpage and Value Page link on your own Clubs Website. Post it on your Facebook Page and encourage everyone to share it. Send it via Email, Text or SMS. Add it to Twitter, Linked In, Instagram Account and other Social Media Accounts. Print them on Flyers, Newsletters, Rosters, Menus, Schedules and so on. – Just tell everyone & Ask them to do the same.

3) Or, You simply contact us on 08 83961100 with the referred persons’ details.

The more members that know about it and share it, the better opportunity of earning Sponsorship dollars for your club.

This becomes an additional ‘Revenue Stream’ for your club with minimum effort.

Facebook Sharing 600px text Your Club

How Do We Get Involved in Your Sponsorship?

Call Eriks on 08 83961100, Direct on 0418804900 or Fill in the Form Below.

We’ll arrange a convenient time to meet with you and any authorised club members to get started on sponsorship.

We are more than happy to meet with your Club Committee and answer any and all questions you or they may have.

As we said, this is for a long-term, mutually beneficial strategy.

How Big Does Our Club Have To Be?

It makes no difference whether you are a club of 2 or 20, 200, 2000 or 20000 or more.

What Age Group Does This Apply To?

It does not matter if it is Juniors, Colts, Seniors, Old Scholars, Cubs, Brownies, Starlets, Premiers, Amateur, League or whatever.

Any club is supported. However, the referral must be forwarded by an adult.

How Must Does it Cost Us?

There is absolutely no cost for your club. You do not need to embroider our logo on patches, sleeves, shorts, skirts, strips, training tops or anywhere else.

The cost of the web-designer producing the club branded web pages as above and hosting them will be covered by Plaza Real Estate.

Can Only a Club Member Provide the Refer a Friend Lead?

No. It can be a friend of a friend, of a friend of a friend, of a friend of a friend… of the club.

Social media is just one of the methods you can use to drive additional referrals to your club.

As long as other criteria are met and the lead is sent through clearly showing it came from your clubs efforts.

Does the Refer a Friend Have to be a Club Member?

No, it can be anyone referred. This includes club members and non-members. (See: ‘Who can we refer’ below.)

Please bear in mind it does not have to be members or players looking to sell their home.

This program works because of the power and reach of social media, particularly Facebook.

Again, there is no cost for your club as we pay to set everything up.

If You Are Promoting This to Other Clubs in Our Competition, Won’t We Get Less?

No, not likely, your club and theirs will have a different supporter base and it’s probable, they are from different parts of town.

Besides you want all clubs to be strong, so you have decent competitors to play against for the long term.

What About Other Promotion?

That’s entirely at your discretion. We can discuss alternative strategies after the initial sponsorship starts, once you are convinced, we really are here to help your club.

How Else Will You Be Involved in Our Club?

Again, that’s entirely at your discretion. We would be pleased to accept an invitation to attend functions or games, depending on our availability at the time. Please remember, this is for a Long Term relationship… this is not just a ‘Quickie‘.

This way we’ll all say “See you again, next year & the year after that” and really mean it.

Can You Show Us an Example of the Facebook Ad?

Sure, here is one of them. Your Clubs page would include your logo of course.

OK, That Sounds Interesting. So, Why Should We Do This?

The money!

Seriously, as stated, there is NO cost to your club. We do all the setting up, pay for the web design of both landing pages & hosting costs.

This process will work in the background 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year forever or until you stop.

It still works in the off-season, non-playing period or whatever holiday time and breaks your club takes.

All that is required is a member or two to be responsible, to regularly post & share on Facebook, to other social media and include the links in newsletters or emails as mentioned above.

As you can see, it’s quick & easy to implement and your club is always in control.

It works because of the power and reach of social media, particularly Facebook.

There is no downside… the worst thing, that can happen is you get a cheque every few months or so.

To Qualify

If the Referred Person enters into an Exclusive Sales Agency Agreement to sell a property and subsequently sells the property with Plaza Real Estate, then the Club who gave the referral will receive a Sponsorship Gift of Cash to the value as nominated.

Further details can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

Refer A Friend FAQs

Who can we refer?

Refer Club members, Non-Members, Friends, Family members, Colleagues, Co-workers, Clients, Staff members, Acquaintances, Mates, Neighbours and anyone else you know.
We’ll take great care of them as well as Reward You with sponsorship dollars.

We’ll contact them with your recommendation and let you know what happens.


How many people can we refer?

As many as you like. You can refer a friend or an unlimited number of friends!

We encourage all our club associates, friends, customers, clients past & present to share our service with others. Those that you care about and want to be looked after.

When will we get our refer a friend sponsorship reward?

Within 14 days of the Settlement of your friends’ property being Listed & Sold through Plaza Real Estate.

Is there a certain time our friend has to List & Sell by to get a sponsorship reward?

No, there’s no time restriction!

Your friend can List & Sell their property at any time! It may well be days, weeks, months or a year before they are ready. As long as the referral criteria are met, you will get rewarded.

Can anyone refer a friend to Plaza Real Estate?

Anyone can refer a friend to Plaza Real Estate, but you need to have advised Plaza Real Estate of your friend’s details before they List & Sell to be eligible for a sponsorship reward.

Can we refer a friend who has already had an appraisal, already listed or already for sale with Plaza Real Estate?


Can we refer a friend who has already had an appraisal, already listed or already for sale with another Real Estate Company?


If the person changes agency from another company to us or has an appraisal and subsequently Lists & Sells with Plaza Real Estate.

It’s important that YOU know! Our purpose is for clients to be so outrageously happy with the help we provide, that they’ll gladly introduce us to at least two people they really care about before the transaction closes.

Not because they feel obligated, but because they truly believe they’ll benefit.

We would rather reward clubs that need financial assistance, our past clients, friends and people that like & trust us rather than pay for advertising.

Please include all of your details as well as the Club you represent below, so we can call you back promptly. Or call 08 83961100 today.

PS You are more than Welcome to Share this info with other groups you are associated with or even opposition clubs that would benefit from Sponsorship as well. 🙂

Thank you, talk soon!
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