Abbreviations of Real Estate Terms

Advertisements for properties can be very confusing. Here is a list of common real estate, building & finance abbreviations you may find in For Sale or Rental ads, to help make it easier for you.

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Please Note: (See Also Glossary of Terms)

ac, a/c or air-cond – Air conditioning

accom – Accommodation

adj – Adjacent

alc – Alcove

alum – Aluminium

amen – Amenities

adv – Advance

apt – Apartment

approx – Approximate

appt – Appointment

ARE – Australian Registry Extract

ASAP – As Soon as Possible (or Practical)

asb – Asbestos

avail – Available

avg – Average

balc – balcony

bath or bth – bathroom

bds – Bedsitter

bi – Built-in bics Built-in cupboards

BIR – Built-in robes (wardrobes)

bk – back

bldg – Building

br – Bedroom

bung – Bungalow

BV – Brick veneer

Cal Bung – Californian bungalow

cbl – Cable

ceil – Ceiling

cl – Close

cnr – Corner

comp – Comprises

conc – Concrete

cond – Condition

Cont – Contemporary

Cott – Cottage

cov – Coverings

cpbds – Cupboards

cple – Couple

crm – Cream

crpt – Carport

cpt – Carpet

CT – Certificate of Title

cty – City

CV – Capital Value

d/h – Ducted heating

d/k or dck – Deck

d/w – Dishwasher

D.dbl – Double doors

dbl – Double

dbl gar – Double garage

dbr – Double bedroom

dec – Decorative

dep – Deposit

det – Detached

DF – Double fronted

dist – Distance

din rm – Dining room

dlug – Double lock-up garage

drapes – Curtains

d/w – Dishwasher

Edw – Edwardian

elec – Electricity

elev or elv – Elevator

elhws – Electric hot water service

encl – Enclosed

ens – Ensuite bathroom

Ent – Entrance, entry

est or estab – Established

exc – Excellent

Exc or Exec – Executive

excl – Excluding

exp – Expenses

ext – External

fac or facs – facilities

fam – Family

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – See Property FAQ here

F/B – Full board

F tld – Fully tiled

feat – Features

f/f – Fully furnished

fib – Fibro

FIRB – Foreign Investment Review Board

fitts – Fittings

fixt – Fixtures

flr – Floor

fl covs – Floor coverings

FRBO – For rent by owner

frtg – Frontage

FSBO – For sale by owner

furn – Furnished

F/F or f/furn – Fully furnished

gard or gdn – Garden

gi – Galvanised iron

Gd – Good

gge or grge – Garage

ghws – Gas hot water service

Ha – Hectares

hect – Hectares

hse – House

htg – Heating

htr – Heater

HVAC – Heating, ventilation and air conditioning

HWS – Hot water service

igsp – In-ground swimming pool

incl – Includes or Including

insp – Inspect or Inspection

int or intl – Internal or Interior

k’ette – Kitchenette

KIO – Key in office

kit – Kitchen

kit/ din – Kitchen/ dining room

l’fitt – Light fittings

ldr – Lounge dining room

ldry – Laundry

lge – Large

liv – Living

LMI – Lenders Mortgage Insurance

lng – Lounge

loc or locn – Location

lrg – Large

LTO – Lands Title Office

LU or lu – Lock up

LUC – Land Use Codes

lug – Lock-up garage

Lux – Luxury

lvl – Level

LVR – Loan to valuation ratio

M/A – Mature age

max – Maximum

maint – Maintenance

mais – Maisonnette

med – Medium

Mgmt – Management

min –  Minimum

mins – Minutes

mkt – Market

mod – Modern

mstr – Master (main)

neg – Negotiable

no. – Number

nr – Near

n/s – No-Smoking or Non-Smoker

ofc or offc – Office

OFI – Open for inspection

OFP – Open fire place

oil htr – Oil heater

ONO – Or nearest offer

orig – Original

OSP – Off street parking

ov – Oven

p.a. – Per Annum

p.c.m – Per calendar month

pfm – Per fortnight

PIR – Property Interest Report

pkg or prkg – Parking

play – Playground

pm – Per month

POA – Price on application

pol flrs – Polished floors

pos – Position

pref – Prefer

priv or pvt – Private

pw – Per week

qual – Quality

rc – Reverse cycle

rec – Recess

reg – Regular

refr – Refrigerator

refs – References

rem – Remote control

rend – Rendered

reno or renov – Renovated

res – Residence

req – Required

rf – Roof

rms – Rooms

rnch – Ranch

RPA – Real Property Act

rump rm – Rumpus Room

r/w tank – Rainwater tank

R/O – Room only

ROW – Right of way (laneway)

s’out – Sleep out

SB – Solid brick

SC – Self contained

sec – Secure

semi – Semi-detached

sep – Separate

SF or sgle fr – Single fronted

Sgl – Single

sky – Skylight

Sqm – Square metres

shr – Shower

shwr rcs – Shower recess

slug – Single lock-up garage

sm – small

sp – Swimming pool

spac – Spacious

ss or s/s – Stainless steel

STCC – Subject to Council Consent

stry – Storey

sun – Sunroom

SV – Site Value

swm pool – Swimming pool

tce or terr – Terrace

tl shed – Toolshed

tmbr – Timber

t’out – Throughout

trad – Traditional

trans – Transport

twnhse or town – Townhouse

uc or u/c – Undercover

UMR – Under main roof

uf, u/f or unfurn – Unfurnished

upstrs – Upstairs

utils – Utilities

ven blds – Venetian blinds

ver – Verandah

vu or vw – View

wat – Water

WB – Weatherboard

W.C – Water closet, Toilet

wi pant – Walk-in pantry

wks – Weeks

wlk – Walk

ww – Wall to wall

wwc – Wall to wall carpet

yo – Years old

yr – Year

yrd – Yard

Please Note: (See Also Glossary of Terms)

Real Estate Abbreviations vary between states & territories.
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