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APPRAISAL – What’s Your Home Worth?

Book an Appraisal – Schedule a call or call 08 83961100 now

Online Appraisal – Get an automated price report sent to you

Virtual Appraisal – When face-to-face may not work for you

Before Your Appraisal – Get ready for the appraisal & be fully informed

Houses Wanted – Do you have a property to sell? We have metro & country buyers looking

Land Wanted – Do you have land to sell? We have buyers, builders & developers looking

Low Key Sale – Sometimes, there are good reasons to sell your home by low key sale

Open Inspections – Why they matter & how they increase buyer competition

Partner Program – A real alternative to private sale or being let down by uncaring agents

Prepare Now & Pay Later – Fund your investment in improvements, staging & styling, or marketing

Seller Guide – A home selling system

Set Sale – A Sellers Guide – The best price is usually achieved in the first 30 days
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Staging & Styling – This is where some of the magic happens to emotionally engage with buyers

Virtual Tour – How great would your place look with a 360 tour?


Abbreviations – Abbreviations of real estate terms

Awful Real Estate Photos – These didn’t help the sellers get the best price – We do take great photos

Developers & Investors – Register here to be kept informed of new opportunities

Forms & Fact Sheets – Find useful forms here for buying, selling & moving

Frequently Asked Questions – Find answers to your questions here or call 08 83961100

Garage Sale – Get rid of excess stuff before you move – Ask us to borrow our Garage Sale signs

Glossary of Terms – Find meanings & explanations here

Links of Interest – Get property advice & other useful resources

Reviews & Testimonials – See how clients have gotten the support they need

Videos – See our YouTube channel to discover more about property

FREE REPORTS – Get Specific Help Here

450 Ideas to Sell Faster – See your home through the eyes of the buyer

5 Steps to Downsizing – Steps to help you downsize into retirement living or a smaller home

Beat the Bank – Do you know anyone threatened with foreclosure or being chased by the bank?

Estate Services – Are you in charge of a deceased estate or need estate services?

Expired Listing – Have you been on the market but your home did not sell?

Moving with Children – Discover how everyone in the family can enjoy the moving experience

Moving with Pets – Move your fur babies & other pets with care

Prepare Your Home For Sale – How to ‘Stage’ your home to arouse emotions in your buyers

Private Sale – How to sell your home privately

Rainbow Lifestyle – Are you in a rainbow or alternative relationship & thinking of selling

Retiring – Thinking of retiring or becoming a gray nomad?

Separation – Are you separating or considering a divorce?

What Else?

Do you need to do any repairs, refurbishment, or maintenance done before going on the market?

If so, one of our lenders can assist by loaning you, up to $40,000 to get those works done.

They have helped a number of our clients already and really made a difference, in getting their place ready, including marketing, styling & staging in addition to upgrades, without a financial strain on their budget.

We can also introduce you to Trusted Financial, Legal, or Insurance Experts or Reliable Inspectors, Suppliers and Tradespeople if you need any of them.

Please let me know if this could be of help to you as well.

Did you know, there are 9 methods of sale, including Slow, Medium, and Fast?

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