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Hi, We’re Family Oriented…

Hello & Welcome… I’m Eriks Draiska and Family is My Passion.

My daughter and I live in Adelaide, South Australia and helping People with their Real Estate & Property Needs enables me to look after my Family.

As a family business, we understand life can get messy, it doesn’t go according to plan, and realize you need good people around you.

We’ve helped singles, couples & families through the best of times and sometimes the worst, that’s when you truly need someone who cares. So, we’re genuinely here to help you and those you care deeply about.

Here’s me and my daughter Kaija when she was in her mid-teens, she is now in her twenties, goodness gracious!

As friends pointed out the teenage years can be challenging and they were at times. Being a single dad since she was 5 years old, I think we have both managed quite well.

She has an awesome artistic talent. Her friends ask her to do their makeup for special occasions plus her Halloween Special Effects she uses on ‘Zombie Walks’ are amazing.

We’re regular people, just like you and understand life can get interesting… you just have to keep going and never give up.

If you need help from caring, understanding & competent people, just call us 08 83961100.

Below you’ll find some random photos of things in our life.

Here’s Some of Our Friends & Family… 

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Our Animals, Pets & Visitors from Nature…

We’ve had cats & kittens, dogs & pups, birds, pet rats, bunnies, lizards, chickens, rooster, ducks & ducklings, fish and turtles. They’re all welcome, know how to get on with each other and are looked after lovingly.

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Kaijas’ Special Effects, Makeup, Zombie Walk Preparations & Dress-ups…
(Don’t call it ‘dress-ups’ Dad!… Okay, sorry, I meant ‘Cosplay’)


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present-1209742_1280 reverse image TEXT - A gift of Listening

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