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We SELL it For FREE!”

We Tell It The Way It-Is & Won’t Give Up on You!

Our industry has many Real Estate Agents.

Some a very good… others not so much.

They all compete for your business.

Some will tell you a wonderful price, that sounds almost too good to be true and you want to believe. It’s human nature to want more.

There’s Nothing wrong with Asking For More… or is there?

The short answer is No, but that comes with a warning.

If you are just led to believe you will get the extra money, then get hammered to bring your price down after listing your property for sale.

Then that’s simply wrong.

However, if your agent agrees to try a higher price after showing you realistically based on sales evidence and data of similar sold properties, what may happen, price-wise is another thing.

Pricing includes the Logical Price as well as the Emotional Price.

You and the agent accept a ‘Logical’ price and decide together to market it at an ‘Emotional’ price.

The difference is of course, an open and honest dialogue as opposed to what amounts to outright lies.

Because we’re forthright and up-front with our Vendors, we have Sold 110% of our Clients Properties over the last few years.


Why 110%?

Quite simply, a few got Sold more than Once… things happen.

Finance was declined, buyers had an epiphany and decided to go travelling rather than buy more investment property, the buyers house which was under contract with another agent fell over and could not proceed with this one and so on.

BUT, We Kept Working, We Never Gave Up and Still Secured Buyers Who Proceeded to Settle, into Their New Homes.

After 25+ Years in business, we’ve learnt a few things and continue to do so.

Marketing Should Put Your Property in The Spotlight so it Becomes The Star Attraction… This is What We Do!

Using the best of Technology, Offline & Online Marketing plus Top Negotiation Strategies…

Our Promise, We Won’t Let You Down Either &…

We GUARANTEE to SELL Your Home or Investment at a Price You’re Happy With!

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  • Guarantee is Available With Our SET DALE SALE System or an AUCTION Campaign.

  • Guarantee Applies to Residential (Non-Corporate) Property Owners & Investors

It’s important that YOU know, our purpose is for YOU to be so outrageously happy with the help we provide that you’ll gladly introduce us to at least two people you really care about before your transaction closes. Not because you feel obligated, but because you truly believe they’ll benefit.

Need more proof? Check out Client Reviews and Market Campaign Reports.

We’ll Guide You Home! 

Further details can be found in the Terms and Conditions.

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Your Home SOLD in 90 Days or Less or We SELL it for FREE!
Our FEES are Less than Your First Price Reduction with the Wrong Agent.

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