Low Key Sales

Eriks Draiska
Published on March 29, 2017

Low Key Sales


 Although a competitive marketing and sales process is normally the best way to achieve the highest price for your property. Sometimes, there are good reasons to sell your home by low key sale without opening it up to the market.

Inspections and viewings are scheduled by appointment only.

Other Names for Low Key Sale

These are also called various names depending on the company wishing to brand itself.

We’ve seen them called Off-Market Sales, Pre-Market Listings, Registered Buyers Only, Quiet Listing, Discrete Sale, The Vault, By-Appointment Only, Targeted Marketing, Pocket Listings, Buyers Advantage, Whisper Listings, Silent Listing, Stealth Marketing and Secret Sale.

No doubt there are other terminologies, but they effectively mean the same thing… A Low Key Sale.

Though, some of these other names for low key sale do not inspire confidence. Do they?

Some agents employ their version of low key sale, to score an easy sale to an investor or developer buddy, a buyer on their list, a mate of theirs or the first purchaser that comes along.

A number of new agencies and business models purport to introduce buyers without any or minimal marketing.

Sounds simple and easy but does it really benefit you?

If it’s a Secret and no-one knows, how can this help you?

We don’t do that!

Discretion Assured

Many of our past clients have used a Low Key sale in situations where they had a need to be private and discreet.

For exampleThey did not wish to alert the neighbours or there’s been a separation or divorce involved, it’s a forced sale, the owners have been threatened, the owners are moving and do not want certain other people to be aware they are leaving. At other times someone in the property has been unwell or there’s been a distressing family situation, the sale has involved a deceased estate, it’s been tenanted for a long term with little access for improvements, there may be undesirable tenants. There have also been times where the older owners were awaiting a place in a retirement village or rooms in a hostel. Or it’s simply that they were not in a hurry and wanted to skip any fuss. So a low-key sale was perfect.

However, it means that overall there are Fewer Buyers and Therefore Less Competition for the property.

All of our past and future clients are made aware of the benefits as well as any downside to the Low Key sale Option.

There is essentially nothing wrong with this low key sale strategy. If it suits your personal circumstances and that you are fully informed in advance.

It can also mean a longer time on the market.

A Low Key sale can mean bringing in purchasers from a buyer database, or those who missed out on other premium property and are prepared to pay for the opportunity to secure a home with little or no competition.

Your Options

Planned occasional or regular open inspections, can also be added if this suits your circumstances.

This can be extended to include additional online and offline marketing, with or without a signboard.

The option to jump to a premium marketing campaign is only a step away.

You can discover more about Marketing here.

What Other Methods of Sale are There?

The most common method of sale is by Private Treaty which accounts for around 70-90% of real estate transactions. Others are Auction, Set Date Sale, Tender, Expressions of Interest, Price on Application as well as Low-Key Sale.

Let me know if you’d like to know more. Or if your circumstances are such, that a hassle-free, Low Key Sale may be the most suitable option for you. Call 08 83961100.

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