Thanks for Meeting With Us to Discuss Your Future Plans & Property Value.

If you have questions or if you’ve had other appraisals and they have prompted additional issues or queries. Please ask us. The chances are that we do whatever else has been discussed and we can cover these the next time we meet.

Let’s have a quick review of the important points

Q. So, How do we make your place the Hero or desirable Prize?

A. Your Marketing Machine does. (Review it here.)
Let us know if you have any questions about it, or want to give any feedback.

Our Marketing Will Put Your Property in The Spotlight so it Becomes The Star Attraction.

Your Marketing Machine WILL Get You The Right Buyers – To LOVE Your Place – So They’ll Pay You MORE For it!

Marketing is the megaphone for your listing – it screams to the world that your property is for sale, that it’s worth taking a look at and why it’s better than the competition.

Whether they are Local or Out of Area buyers. They may be Actively looking or just Passively researching.

You need all these buyers to see it.

Great Marketing leads to more views, higher interest & engagements, more enquiries from competing buyers leading to more inspections, therefore, stronger negotiations which mean a greater perceived value.

  • We’ll ATTRACT More Buyers For Your Property Because We Have Great Resources to Market Your Property!
  • We COMPETE the Buyers Against Each Other to Negotiate Their Best Offers!

This results in an optimal price!

Without Marketing, you just have a ‘Billboard in the Forest’

No-one notices it and any potential price-fever is lost.

Your investment in marketing is an investment in profit.

What is more valuable to you? “The risk over-marketing or the risk of under-selling and losing tens of thousands of dollars?”

So, if you are serious about selling, invest in the best marketing plan available to ensure your property gets seen by as many qualified buyers as possible.

You can discover more about Marketing Here.

Why is This Important?

Because the Internet Allows Buyers to Eliminate as Many Homes as Possible Before They…

  • actually, get into their car
  • to look around the community
  • drive through the neighbourhood
  • before they examine your street
  • then consider the outside, before
  • they step inside to inspect your house

As any of these can be a show stopper! It’s imperative that Online & Offline Marketing, especially the Photographs & Your Property Presentation meets their expectations.

Your Property HAS To Be On Their Shopping List, So

FIRST – We Need to Make Sure, They TURN Up!

How Are Buyers Followed Up?

All Buyers Details are Collected at Opens & Inspections, Then, They’re Followed Up by:
An Email within 5 Minutes, followed by a Series of Engaging Emails after this
2 SMS/ Text Messages the 1’st is sent within an hour
2 Voicemails the 1’st is sent the following day

*The Systems are Automated, SO, it Happens Each & Every Time & No-one is Overlooked.*

THEN – We Make Sure, They Are FOLLOWED Up!

A Reminder About Pricing

The 3 Pricing Options allowed in South Australia are;

  1. No Price
  2. Fixed Price or
  3. Price Range of up to 10%.

Remember, You do not need to decide an asking price at this time.

Sellers have found this is best discussed, reviewed then decided after their property was completely ready and before the marketing begins.

You can adjust your asking price at that time also, depending on which Method of Sale you choose.

Also – ASKING Price is not the same as the SELLING or GETTING Price!.

Pricing includes the Logical Price as well as the Emotional Price.

We want the buyers to be emotionally connected to your property

Now the question is…

How Soon Do You Want to Move?

Simply Choose Which of the 3-Stages Suits Your Time Frame the Best.

Stage 1 – Discrete Targeted Marketing
Stage 2 – Broadcast Marketing
Stage 3 – Turbocharged Marketing

** Are you after a Slow, Medium or Faster Sale? **

Once you decide how quickly you want to move, then you select the most appropriate method below.

Your Method of Sale Options – 9 Types of Sale

  • For Sale by Private Treaty
  • Auction
  • Set Date Sale – Read more here.
  • Tender
  • Expressions of Interest
  • Price on Application (POA)
  • Low-Key – Read more here.
  • Partner Program – Read more here.

After you have selected the method which suits you best, just let us know…

What is Your GO DATE?

** When do you want to start? **

Great Marketing takes some time to get ready, so please give us as much notice as possible.
Call us 08 83961100 and tell us when you are ready.

As Your Agent, Because, We Are On Your Side – You Can Rely On Us To Be

  • Your Trusted Consultants
  • Your Skilled Negotiators and…
  • The People Who Oversee ALL of Your Transaction Details

What Else Would You Like to Know Before We Get Started?

You can also re-visit the Before Your Appraisal page here.

Our consumer-friendly Plaza Real Estate site is designed to provide transparent advice and information for you. Whether you are selling, buying, researching or investing.

If this is your first time selling or you have sold multiple times. Here are some links which will prove useful either way.

1. Glossary of Terms
2. Abbreviations
3. Forms & Fact Sheets
4. Links of Interest
5. Refer a Friend to Plaza Real Estate
6. Of course, you are protected by our ‘Peace of Mind’ Guarantee of Sale

Additional Services Available for You

Let us know if you would like help with any of these:

  • Land Subdivision
  • Retirement Living
  • Estate Services or Deceased Estates
  • Retirement Living
  • Business, Commercial or Industrial Sales
  • Surveyor, Engineer or Architect
  • Conveyancer or Solicitor
  • Finance or Insurance Services
  • Getting Your Home or Investment, Ready to Sell
  • Interior Designer, Landscaper or Gardener
  • Building services, Plumbing, Painting or Electrical

You can discover more at About Plaza Real Estate and at the Before Your Appraisal page if you have not seen it yet.

Our Purpose

It’s important that YOU know, our purpose is for YOU to be so outrageously happy with the help we provide that you’ll gladly introduce us to at least two people you really care about before your transaction closes. Not because you feel obligated, but because you truly believe they’ll benefit.

The Result

When you are ready to go, we’ll help you get…

Want More Proof?

Read our Client Reviews.

Sample Market Campaign Reports Show How Successful The Marketing Machine Actually is.

Show How Successful Your Marketing Machine Actually is.

We’ll Guide You Home! 

You are welcome to Refer people you know, now.

Were You Looking for the Cheapest Agent?

Would You Dare?

Let me ask… Dare you risk taking your wife, husband or partner to McDonald’s for your wedding anniversary?

Serious question!

I’m guessing it’s an out and out no.

Just too big an occasion to place in the hands of McDonald’s right? Nothing wrong with a burger now and then, but not for your anniversary! Such an important occasion especially as it happens just once a year.

And you’d agree that selling and moving home is also a very important occasion, yes?

It’s probably one of the biggest, most important decisions you’ll make and this happens only once every 5–7 years on average.

A huge occasion then?

Just like a wedding anniversary!

“Why then would you consider risking your biggest, most expensive asset, your precious home, in the hands of a real estate agents’ cut price equivalent to McDonald’s?”

One More Thing to Consider

When you’re given an answer, to your question of What it’s Worth?

Are agents telling you, What will it be worth someday in the future? OR Do they mean, What it’s likely to sell for now?

Have they told you a price that just makes you happy or Have they told you the truth?

A happy price today will likely mean a very unhappy price later.

Whereas, the truth may not necessarily make you happy today but will, when you actually get the money.

Remember – ASKING Price is not the same as the SELLING or GETTING Price!.

We’ll simply tell you the way it is.

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