Real Estate Agents Wanted – Females & Males – New or Experienced

Plaza Real Estate is seeking ethical, responsible and hard working Real Estate agents to strengthen our team.

If you are reliable, can communicate with sellers and buyers, actually follow through on what you have said you will do, then we WILL consider your application.

If you have these qualities, it does not matter how much experience you have or even if you have been out of the industry for a while.

If you are a legend in your own mind, just after some easy money or act like a 900-pound gorilla…

Or if you’re like these guys, Do Not Apply!

If you are looking for a free ride & don’t know the meaning of hard work, Do Not Apply!

Our Prospecting Systems Generates Loads of Seller leads. 

  • YOU are Supplied With LEADS, because…
  • We Do The PROSPECTING For You
  • We’ll Also Help You Get Your OWN Leads
  • Your Task is to LIST the Property & COMMUNICATE with Clients to Keep Them Informed
  • We’ll Train You in Updated NEGOTIATION Methods
  • We Supply the MARKETING TOOLS to GUARANTEE the SALE Every Time

So, we need capable people to follow through and carefully nurture our current & future clients.

People need to know we care about them and their property needs until they are ready to sell and beyond.

This may be a few weeks or many months and of course in some cases a year or so.

If you are not afraid of a challenge, can have crucial conversations, are honest, can tell people the way it is without a load of BS, then you should apply.

We Promise our Sellers a Real Guarantee!
Their Home SOLD in 90 Days or Less or We SELL it For FREE!

Because of this promise as well as our systems & procedures, we SELL 100% of our Vendors homes. That is Every Property We Have LISTED FOR SALE over the last few years has actually been SOLD by us!

With that sort of commitment from us, our Sales Team absolutely must take everything they do seriously!

There is no, ‘Near Enough is Good Enough’, There are ‘No half Measures’ or ‘She’ll be right mate’ There is just, ‘We will do whatever it takes AND get it done properly’

Is this because we are the smartest agents in the world?

Well… Heck No, of course not.

What we do have, are Smart Systems, a Strong Supportive Culture, Terrific Teamwork combined with Effective & Proven Procedures.

We also have Excellent Marketing combined with Structured Social Media Campaigns to bring buyers into our Clients Properties using Technology which actually Works… Plus we are looking to improve on these all the time.

As Their Agent, Because, We Are On Their Side – They Can Rely On Us To Be

  • Trusted Consultants
  • Skilled Negotiators and…
  • The People Who Oversee ALL of the Transaction Details

Great Female or Male Real Estate Agents Wanted…

Ask yourself these questions:

Can you work in a Team?
Are you able to think and act on your own?
Can you listen to instructions and follow up on procedures?
Can you follow up with Buyers and Sellers?
Can you find your own leads and build a tribe of followers?
Can you take positive feedback as well as criticism?
Can you work flat out and harder than you’ve ever worked before?
Do you have a strong Why?… Why do you want to be successful?
Are you looking to stretch yourself, get out of your comfort zone and grow as an individual?
Can you hack real change and want to stop being the same?
Are you ready to make it happen and throw away any and all excuses?

We want to Know About You & What You Can Do for Our Clients.

We believe in Equal Opportunity. Regardless of race, colour, creed, sexuality, religion, ancestry, marital status, age, gender or anything else.

We do not care if sellers are straight, gay, coloured or from Mars. We do not care if you are either… We simply HELP people SELL.

If you are up for the challenge & prepared to learn. Complete the Application Form found under the Forms & Fact Sheets Tab.
(PS If You Aren’t an Agent but Know Someone Who Is & Looking For a Change… Please Refer Them Here.)

Just so you know… We are not looking for Rock Stars, though we can help you become one.

If we think you have got what it takes… We will call you in for an interview procedure.


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