How To Hire A House Cleaner

Outsourcing. Big corporations do it, so why not households? Delegating the mundane, routine household chores t...

Are Your Bathrooms Ready For The Holiday Spotlight?

As retailers are so fond of reminding us, the holidays will soon be upon us. That means parties and family...


Eriks Draiska

October 25, 2017

Frightmare On Your Street – Horror Movies, Real Estate-Style

Skip the haunting this Halloween and indulge in haunted-house pleasure in your own living room. In fact, if yo...

Eriks Draiska

October 16, 2017

2 Knightsbridge Court, Hillbank

The combination of a quiet street in a great suburb along with a highly-appealing private setting makes this t...

Eriks Draiska

October 1, 2017

77 Waterford Circuit, Lightsview

Tantalisingly Terrific Townhouse * Under Instructions from Australian Executor Trustees Limited * Here’s...

Eriks Draiska

September 12, 2017

3 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Healthier And Happier

Nature is good for us, according to psychologists. In fact, there’s an entire branch of their profession dev...

Eriks Draiska

September 7, 2017


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