Thanks for Revisiting the Sponsorship Initiative for Your Club.

We appreciate you considering our sponsorship offer…

And understand your club may be busy at this time or that you have tried some other things in the past.

Or maybe it’s because you do not know much about us? To help set your mind at rest, you can check us out here. Read what clients say: Reviews & Testimonials

As we’ve been helping people change lives for well over 25 years so we’ve learnt a thing or two. Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

You can discover more About Eriks & Family and About Plaza Real Estate.

Our clients get a ‘Peace of Mind’ Guarantee of Sale meaning we will sell their property.

For clubs wanting cash up front – so do the thousands (yes, thousands) of Other Clubs, groups, schools and organisations in South Australia.

Besides, loving your own club as you probably do and with all due courtesy and respect, you gotta’ ask, ‘Why should yours get support and not the others’?

Remember, there’s is no argument from me that your club (and others) deserve and need this support… we simply cannot afford to gift yours (and all the others) cash upfront.

We respectfully… Ask you to reconsider

Why? Well because, from your club’s point of view, there is really nothing to lose with the opportunity to earn ongoing sponsorship money with very little effort.

This program is Quick & Easy to implement and your club is always in control.

This process will work in the background 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year forever or until you stop.

It works All-Year Round

It still works in the off-season, non-playing period or whatever holiday time and breaks your club takes.

It works because of the power and reach of Social Media, particularly Facebook.

It is Absolutely NO-Cost to Your Club

This costs the club zero. And if you don’t change anything, you cannot really expect things to be different.

So, please give it a shot!

This is intended as Long-Term Support where it’s a Win-Win-Win situation for Your Club, For Us and Anyone Referred.

If Your Club Reconsiders This Offer, Now or in the future Please Visit Sponsorship Here or Call Eriks on 08 83961100.

Please bear in mind, it does not have to be members or players looking to sell their home… It could be anyone.

Social Media makes it super easy for you.

Again, there is no cost for your club as we pay to set everything up.

The Q&A info will answer some of your additional questions.

So, do you or other members – have sons, daughters, partners, extended family, friends, relatives or colleagues who are part of a different club, group or organization?

Do they need financial help?

If they do & you think they can benefit from this proposal.

Let them know or call Eriks on 08 83961100.

This new initiative is very different, using 2 web-based, club branded pages to make is quick & easy, to promote.

Refer a Friend for a CASH REWARD!

Each & Every Time – You or one of Your Members Recommend Someone,

Who Lists & Sells with us!
So, Don’t Keep Us a Secret… Tell Everyone You Know!


We would rather reward clubs that need financial assistance, our past clients, friends and people that like & trust us rather than pay for advertising.

Please include all of your details as well as the Club you represent below, so we can call you back promptly. Or call 08 83961100 today.

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