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We Look Forward to Supporting You & Your Club for a Very Long Time.

** You’ll Find Your Club Branded Referral Link &  What’s Your Home Worth Links Further Below. **

Please consider sharing other ideas that your club has successfully used in raising funds. We’ll include your ideas as well as those from others clubs.

So check out this page regularly for updates.

The program is quick & easy to implement and your club is always in control.

It’s important that at least 1 or 2 club members are responsible for sharing these links regularly.

It works because of the power and reach of social media, particularly Facebook.

Remember, it does not have to be members or players looking to sell their home… it can be anyone referred through your club.

How to Add the Links to a Facebook Page

1. Open One Link at a Time to view in a browser, so your Club Branded Page appears
You’ll find your links below under your Club Name
Copy the URL as marked by the arrow.
(To Copy: Press Ctrl + C on a PC) or (Command + C on a Mac)
Sponsorship Sample What's Your Home Worth Page 1200px pencil line
2. Open Your Club or Personal Facebook Page
Paste the URL as a New Post. (To Paste: Press Ctrl + V on a PC) or (Command + V on a Mac)
The Club Branded Image and Text should appear after a few seconds
*NOTE: If the Text appears but there is NO IMAGE – Refer to Instructions further below.
Sponsorship Sample Add to Facebook
3. Simply Type over the URL above of the image and Change the Wording
(There are some suggestions further below)
Then Click Publish Sponsorship Sample Add to Facebook AND Change Wording
4. Now Share It & Encourage Others to keep sharing it with their family, friends and contacts Sponsorship Sample Add to Facebook Now SHARE
5. Set up a schedule to Post each Page Regularly until it becomes an easy to follow habit.
Add it to your Diary or Marketing Calendar.

Option 1:
Post Link 1, Mid-week (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday)
Then Post Link 2 on Saturday.
Option 2:

Pin Both Posts to your Facebook Page – Leave for 2 weeks
Then Unpin & Post Twice Weekly for 2 weeks
Then Pin for 2 Weeks alternating with Posting for 2 weeks
Facebook Sharing 600px text Your Club

What Can We Say When We Share The Links? – Copy & Paste Text Below

Our club has partnered with Plaza Real Estate. Are you thinking of selling or know someone you care about that is? Then Click here or call Eriks on 83961100.

Refer a Friend for a CASH REWARD… Earn $550.00 CASH for Your Club, When You Recommend Plaza Real Estate. Click on the image to add their details. Just SHARE this post with your friends and family.

We’ve teamed up with Plaza Real Estate. If you know anyone Thinking of Selling. Click the link and add their details. If they List & Sell their property. Your Club will receive $550.00 CASH. Call us to find out more.

We’d like to introduce Eriks from Plaza Real Estate as one of our New Long-Term Sponsors. Click the image!

Anything you feel comfortable with, that lets your players and member base know that we support you and that you are recommending us.

What To Do if NO IMAGE Appears

Occasionally FACEBOOK will not automatically load, both the Text & Image from the URL into a Post, like the example shown.
Facebook is aware of the problem AND has a FIX for this.
So don’t worry.
Here’s how to do it. Sponsorship Sample Add to Facebook BUT NO IMAGE
1. Open the Facebook Debugger Page link in a New Tab or Copy & Paste the link from here.

2. Copy your Branded Referral Link or What’s Your Home Worth URL link that is not loading an image into the section called Input URL Facebook Debugger
3. Click the Fetch new scrap information button and wait a few seconds.

4. Now go back to your Facebook page.
Refresh the page and try again. This time both the Text and Image should appear.
(If you really, really get stuck & don’t know what to do, you can call Eriks on 08 83961100 – but please ONLY if absolutely necessary))
PS Remember to Change the wording in the Post to what you want to say.
Then click Publish.

How Else Can We Share The Links?

You can also include your Unique Webpage and Home Value Page link on your own Clubs Website.

Send them via Email, Text or SMS. Post them on your Facebook Page and encourage everyone to share it, add it to Twitter, Linked In, Instagram Account and other Social Media Accounts. Print them on Flyers, Newsletters, Rosters, Menus, Schedules and so on.

Just Tell Everyone & Ask Them To Do the Same.

This becomes an additional ‘Revenue Stream’ for your club with minimum effort.

We would be pleased to accept an invitation to attend functions or games, depending on our availability at the time.

Please remember, this is for a Long Term relationship… this is not just a ‘Quickie’. This way we’ll all say “See you again, next year & the year after that” and mean it.

Plaza Real Estate Wants to be Involved in Your Club?

We would be pleased to accept an invitation to attend functions or games, depending on our availability at the time. Please remember, this is for a Long Term relationship… this is not just a ‘Quickie‘.

This way we’ll all say “See you again, next year & the year after that” and really mean it.

If it’s appropriate and you want us to speak at your club, call me on 08 83961100 or Book Here.

Additional Fund Raising Ideas

These will go here when we have them… so please let us know what you do, then we can share them.
Just send me the other activities that have worked for you and We’ll add them here.

Other Useful Links

The Sponsorship Program overview
Plaza Real Estate Website
Plaza Real Estate Facebook Page
About Eriks & Family
About Plaza Real Estate
Book Eriks as a Guest Speaker or Call 08 83961100

… or Simply Invite Us to Your Club Events, Just to Say G’Day!
We’d LOVE to be Involved.

Refer a Friend for a CASH REWARD!

YOUR CLUB WILL EARN *$550.00 CASH! Each & Every Time – You or one of Your Members Recommend Someone, Who Lists & Sells with us! So, Don’t Keep Us a Secret… Tell Everyone You Know!


If you have Any Questions about the Sponsorship Program just call Eriks on 08 83861100 email [email protected] or complete the form below.

We are here to help.

This is about Long-Term Support where it’s a Win-Win-Win situation for Your Club, For Us and Anyone Referred.

Find Your Club Here

Copy Link 1 then Post, Mid-week (Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday)

Then Copy & Post Link 2 on Saturday.

* The More You & Your Club Posts, the Better Chance of a Referral & Getting PAID.

Let us know immediately in the unlikely event, that there is a problem with one of your links.

Gemini Netball Club

Club Branded Referral Link: https://plaza07.lpages.co/referral-from-gemini-netball/

What’s Your Home Worth: https://www.searchallproperties.com/propertyvaluation-plus/Plazare/Gemini+Netball+Club-961810

Golden Grove Cricket Club

Club Branded Referral Link: https://plaza07.leadpages.co/referral-from-golden-grove-cricket-club/

What’s Your Home Worth: http://www.searchallproperties.com/propertyvaluation/Plazare/Golden+Grove+Cricket+Club-652791

GT Netball Club

Club Branded Referral Link: https://plaza07.leadpages.co/referral-from-gt-netball-club/

What’s Your Home Worth: http://www.searchallproperties.com/propertyvaluation/Plazare/GT+Netball+Club-695940

Ingle Farm District Cricket Club

Club Branded Referral Link: https://plaza07.leadpages.co/referral-from-ingle-farm-district-cricket-club/

What’s Your Home Worth: http://www.searchallproperties.com/propertyvaluation/Plazare/Ingle+Farm+District+Cricket+Club-656832

North East Hockey Club

Club Branded Referral Link: https://plaza07.leadpages.co/referral-from-north-east-hockey-club/

What’s Your Home Worth: http://www.searchallproperties.com/propertyvaluation/Plazare/North+East+Hockey+Club-652826

Para Hills Cricket Club

Club Branded Referral Link: https://plaza07.leadpages.co/referral-from-para-hills-cricket-club/

What’s Your Home Worth: http://www.searchallproperties.com/propertyvaluation/Plazare/Para+Hills+Cricket+Club-653132

Para Hills East Soccer Club

Club Branded Referral Link: https://plaza07.leadpages.co/referral-from-para-hills-east-soccer-club/

What’s Your Home Worth: http://www.searchallproperties.com/propertyvaluation/Plazare/Para+Hills+East+Soccer+Club-620942

Playford Baseball Club

Club Branded Referral Link: https://plaza07.leadpages.co/referral-from-playford-city-baseball-club/

What’s Your Home Worth: http://www.searchallproperties.com/propertyvaluation/Plazare/Playford+Pirates+Baseball+Club-652827

PS You are more than Welcome to Share this info with other groups you are associated with or even opposition clubs that would benefit from Sponsorship as well. ?

This page is not designed as a referral page but if you refer anyone from here, make sure it is clear which club you are from!

Thank you, talk soon!
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