You Need ALL The Buyers to See it.

The Benefit of Over-Marketing


The Risk of Under-Selling & Losing Tens of Thousands of Dollars?

Q. Why is This Important to Know?

A. Because the Internet Allows Buyers to ELIMINATE as Many Homes as Possible Before They…

  • actually, get into their car
  • to look around the community
  • drive through the neighbourhood
  • before they examine your street
  • then consider the outside, before
  • they step inside to inspect your house

Your Property HAS To Be On THEIR Shopping List, AND Without Great Marketing You Lose!

Some sellers initially thought this may seem like an over-kill to do all of these things.

However, when they understood the marketing is NOT about them or you, it is ‘For the BUYERS to Get Excited About Your Place’.

Marketing Brands and Positions your place as something for Buyers to Aspire to and Creates Real Competition amongst them.

The alternative is just, Advertising For Sale, which is all too common & will not get the extra money you are after, or it may not sell at all.

Is that a risk you want to take?

This applies to our Partner Program clients as well…

So, here’s ‘How to Market to Sell’…

1. Marketing Drives The Sales Machine

Our Marketing Will Put Your Property in The Spotlight so it becomes the Star Attraction With its OWN Website.

2. Pricing & Methods of Sale

Market value is set by the market.

Comparable Sales will Help BUT There’s No Recommended Retail Price for a Property.

The Only Price That Matters… is, What the Right Buyers, Who Love Your Place, Will Actually Pay You.

We know you want as much as you can get!

P.S. Do Not Do an Off-Market Sale – Ask Me Why!

Q. So – How Do We Get The Right Buyers – To LOVE Your Place – So They’ll Pay You MORE For it?

A. Here’s HOW!

Firstly – Your Property Information is Thoroughly Recorded

Property type: House, unit, land etc
Amenities: Bedrooms, living areas, sizing, entertaining and so on
Facts, Figures, Features, Benefits & Vendor Information Documents collected

When buyers ask questions about your property… we’ll have the answers!

One important consideration is:

** Who Were You When You Bought Your Home? **

Because, it’s likely we can target people who are similar now, to who you were, back then.

Beautiful Photographs

Great photographs are imperative for your marketing machine to work effectively. So we’ll make sure yours are.

CLICK THE LINK to see, how some people took pictures and got it wrong. Examples of how to get it right, are at the end of that post.

The first panel shows some photos taken by other agencies…

These are samples of ours, Before & After a ‘Pinch of Magic’…

** What Areas Do You Want to Have Photographed? **

What’s your properties ‘Hero’ shot?
What makes it outstanding?
What other amenities in the area would you like included in photos?
Do you have any ‘Lifestyle’ images you also want to include?

Excellent Copywriting – Editorial & Ads

Expertly written by a trained copywriter.

Customized text that fully describes your property’s desirable features & benefits.

This compels buyers to actually want to visit your property.

Plaza Real Estate Property Stocklist

Your property is made available to ALL buyers looking at ANY of our property.


Buyers & interested parties can find out more via our chat feature, which appears on the bottom right-hand side of our web and property pages.

3. Marketing Your Property & Buyer Lead Generation

We employ numerous Online & Offline Resources in your sales marketing machine, to Showcase your property & reach as far and wide as possible.

This targets both the Active & Passive buyers.

Your property MUST stand out in the ‘Sea of Listings’.

Your Own Property Website

This captures the Buyers contact details unlike the Major Portals which simply record numbers but no details.

CLICK HERE to View: 

** Enter Your Details on our Sample Property **

3D – Interactive Property Tour

Engage Buyers with 360 Degree Immersive Views on Desktop, Tablet, Smartphones or VR Goggles!

Buyer Interaction is Tracked for Easy Follow up!

Use your cursor to navigate through the home.

Live Virtual Viewing

A live virtual viewing can be arranged for the buyer, so that they can have a conversation with the agent as both look through the 360 Tour and have significant items of interest pointed out and answer any questions.

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour – Sample 1

Vanity Domain Name

Gives your property site a unique, easy-to-remember, Funky Name like

Others Names Have Included NorthEastHome, BestHomeInRedwoodPark, ClearviewHome, CraigmoreHome, HeightsHome, HollywoodPlaza, IngleFarmHome, LandSale, NorthEastHome, PalmHouse, ParaHillsHome, 8Yarrow.TheBestListing.

Your Naming Options Include YourStreetName followed by WorldsBestListing, IsTheBest.House, IsHomeNow, BeautifulHome.ForSale.

** Which of These Domain Names Do You Particularly Like? **

Informative Signboards

Buyers Have 5 Ways to Contact Us From the Signboard

Rather than just a Plain Sign or a Few Images, Your Buyers can contact the agent by:

  • QR Code to Your Property Website
  • Text Keyword & get linked to Property Website – Buyers details are collected
  • Vanity Name URL for Tour Property Website
  • Link to Plaza Real Estate Website
  • Office or Mobile Phone contact to the Agent

Brochures – Just Listed Print Flyer for Buyers

These are distributed to buyers attending Open Inspections AND to Neighbouring Properties.
Open Inspection Invitation Flyers are also used.

Sample – Version 1 , Version 2 , Version 3 (Will open as PDF)

Easy to Read, Coloured Floor Plan

A Coloured Floor Plan or Site Plan is more appealing and easier to understand than a plain black & white one.

Keywords for Text or SMS from a Smartphone

Try it: Text the Word
HOUSES to 0488 844 200

The Keyword Code is added to Your Marketing pieces.
For Example, the Keyword for 10 Kimberley Avenue would be 10KIMBER

QR Code – ‘Quick Response’ Code

The QR Code can be placed on Signs, Internet Ads, Brochures, Flyers & Letterbox Droppers.
Use with a Smartphone QR Code Reader APP to Link to The Property Website.

** Use Your Smartphone To Read the QR Code. **

WEBSITES – High Profile – Premiere Listing – Seen at the Top of Search Results Premiere Listing Sample Property

Explainer Video


  • Global Property Network accessed in around 56 Countries showing International Property in their Local Currency
  • Connected by property sites in 12 markets, including the US, Italy, Germany, France, Malaysia, and Hong Kong


  • Audience Maximiser Campaigns to re-target buyers who have already searched elsewhere and have not seen your property yet – Sample 1


Facebook Ads

Facebook Link

Alternative Facebook Landing Page in addition to your property website as previously described.

Instagram Ad

House & Land Packages

If it’s LAND or SUBDIVIDABLE – We ALSO Contact Builders Who Can Offer House & Land Packages for Your Block.

** Is Subdivision an Option? **

Here are some samples below.

Gumtree Ads

Gumtree brings another ‘string to the bow’, to introduce additional buyer leads.

Craigslist Ads

Another opportunity of your marketing machine, to find even more purchasers.

Emails Alerts Sent to Plaza Real Estate Database

Contacts tagged as previously looking for similar property or are developers or investors are alerted

Emails For You as a Seller To Forward to Friends and Share on Facebook

We will automatically send you these weekly to forward to family & friends and ask them to share on your behalf.

People will work communally to help you out.

Sample – Email for eFlyer
Dear Helen and Thomas,

This eFlyer has been specifically designed to advertise your home throughout the Internet.

The more people that see your home online, the more opportunity we have to get your home sold!

Please forward this eFlyer to as many people as possible, and ask them to send it out to people they know as well!

Let me know if you have any questions and be sure to delete this text and the text above before you forward this.

Dear Friends,

We have hired Eriks Draiska with Plaza Real Estate to sell our home. Eriks has created this Just Listed eFlyer to increase the marketing exposure of our home. We would appreciate it very much if you would forward this to as many people as possible to help get our home SOLD faster. We will certainly do the same for you if you are ever in a position to sell.

Thanks for your help!

To view the online version of this eFlyer, please click here:

Sample – Email for Facebook Post
Dear Mary and John,

This Facebook Post has been specifically designed to advertise your home on Social Media.

The more people that see your home via Facebook and other Social Media platforms that you may use, the more opportunities we have to get your home sold!

Please copy the information below between the lines and post to your Facebook Wall.

You will have the opportunity to select the picture you want to display after you copy this to your Facebook Wall.

You can also put this on other social networks that you may be a part of as well!

Once pasted onto your Facebook wall, it will look like this!

Sample – Our Home is FOR SALE!

Eriks Draiska at Plaza Real Estate created this and many other tools that are being used to market our home on the Internet and other places.

Check it out and leave a comment!

Sample – We are having an Open House Saturday!

Eriks Draiska at Plaza Real Estate is doing a lot of marketing for it and expects a great turn out!

But please share this with anyone you think might want to come see our home as well!

Check it out and leave a comment!

Blog Post

Blog Post – Sample 1
Blog Post – Sample 2
Blog Post – Sample 3 – Sold

Direct Mail to Buyers

Selected previous buyers looking for similar homes are alerted by mail.

Email to Buyers

Buyers who previously viewed similar properties and missed out and are still looking, are alerted by email.

Letterbox Delivery to Neighbouring Properties

Neighbours are invited to view the property and to tell their friends and family in case they know people who want to move into the area or buy as an investment

SMS/ Text to Buyers

Selected previous buyers looking for similar homes are alerted by SMS/ Text.

Telemarketing of Buyers

Selected previous buyers looking for similar homes are alerted by phone.

4. Open Inspections & Private Viewings

  • Our Open Inspection System is Designed for Your Security and Peace of Mind.

Your Place

Buyers are looking for THEIR New Home
PRESENTATION, Styling & Staging counts
Ensure Heating or Cooling is set Comfortably
Remove Pets

Open Inspection APP

Buyers details are recorded on our secure and private APP via iPad, Tablet or Smarphone at Open Inspections or from Incoming Telephone Calls.
All enquirers receive automated ongoing follow-up email and calls to encourage feedback and offers.

Sample – Open Home App

All Buyers are Followed Up by:
SMS/ Text Messages

Open Inspection Boards – Point Buyers in the Right Direction to Your Place

Open Inspection Preparation

Security Considerations

Put things away SECURELY
Buyers MUST REGISTER Before Entry via our APP

Purchasers Info

Face-to-face with prospective buyers at open inspections are vital to your marketing machine.

Poster Benefit Cards

These A4 Laminated Cards are designed to highlight Features & Benefits of your property that are not immediately obvious to buyers.
These simple low-tech cards boost your sales marketing machine as they answer the questions buyers already have in their head, and may not want to ask out loud… they also encourage Offers!
Around 10-20 Cards are strategically placed around your property as appropriate…

** Which Features & Benefits, Do You Want Have Highlighted With These Cards? **


Security Keysafe

A Keysafe will be used to keep your house keys secure on the property.

They are attached to an immovable object, such as the gas meter box or other convenient location.

This allows authorized staff to gain easy access for buyer inspections and viewings.

** Would You Prefer **
C. or BOTH? 

5. Communication – Keeping You in the Picture

You will always be kept informed of buyer feedback, the state of the market, sales progress of your sales marketing machine and of offers received.

a) Written Market Reports

b) We’ll stay in touch via face-to-face meetings, phone calls, email, text/ SMS, Zoom Meeting, Skype, Messenger and so on

c) Market Campaign Reports

Sample Campaign Summary Reports are part of the Communications you receive.

These Show Results from The Sales Marketing Machine & Prove How Effective it is.

When Your Sale is Done!

d) DocuSign for Documents

  • All parties can sign anywhere & anytime which speeds up the process
  • Delivered electronically via email
  • Easy for Multiple signing parties
  • Everyone gets their own copy
  • Legally compliant & reliable

6. So, How Soon Do You Want to Move?

There are 3-Stages of Marketing. One Will Suit Your Time Frame the Best.

Stage 1 – Discrete Targeted Marketing
Stage 2 – Broadcast Marketing
Stage 3 – Turbocharged Marketing

** Are you after a Slow, Medium or Faster Sale? **

Once you decide how quickly you want to move, we’ll then work
with you to select the most appropriate method!

What’s Your GO DATE?
When Do You Want to Start?

We’ll Guide You! 

Our Purpose

It’s important that YOU know, our purpose is for YOU to be so outrageously happy with the help we provide that you’ll gladly introduce us to at least two people you really care about before your transaction closes. Not because you feel obligated, but because you truly believe they’ll benefit.

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