Partner Program

Welcome to our Revolutionary Partnership Program… an exciting alternative to doing everything yourself or being let down by inattentive or uncaring agents.

Please Note: If you are concerned about Covid-19 or anything else, please let me know! Whilst everyone has differing views, we respect yours, and we will wear a mask and disposable gloves when we meet if that will make you comfortable.

Also, let me know if you prefer hand shaking or not and we will do as requested.

The Ultimate For Sale By Owner, DIY, or Private Sale Alternative!

It particularly suits people living remotely or in the country and rural areas where there’s often a lack of reliable real estate and marketing services or some that are simply not up to the task.

However, Clients Found It to Work Just as Well in the Metro Area!

For some people, whilst it can make all the sense in the world, to try and sell your largest asset on your own.

Research shows that people who try to sell their largest asset on their own do it for One of Two reasons… or sometimes both – they are Trying to Save Money or have Had a Poor Experience & Do Not Trust Agents.

Yet research also shows that 95% of the people who try to represent themselves in the sale of their largest asset will try it only for a certain period of time.

As a matter of fact, most people have a predetermined amount of time that they will try it, whether they are in a hurry or not.

Unfortunately, the research also shows that many owners selling privately, actually lost money compared to an agency sale, even after paying a selling fee.

So, the Partner Program was exclusively developed to assist people who are now ready for this Expert Help AND to Get the Absolute Best Price for Their Property.

There are plenty of other sites, happy to take your money and let you do all the ‘For Sale By Owner‘ work by yourself.

Why Would You?

Because, unlike those, This system, is a Real Partnership, Where we do ‘Everything’ including ‘Negotiating‘ the buyers Against each other, to Make You More Money!

You, Just, Do The Opens!

The Partner Program is the premier way to actually sell your own home, giving you the power to hold your own inspections and private showings at Your discretion.

We Already Have a Proven Sales, System & Marketing Infrastructure in Place.

So, there is no reason to reinvent the wheel.

Open Inspections

Because you hold your own Open or Private Viewings you have the opportunity to make them as long or short as you want.

Some people have done Opens on Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm, Sunday from 12 noon to 2 pm, or Open Saturday and Sunday from 1 pm to 2 pm.

It’s up to you and entirely at your discretion, you could do all day Wednesday, Monday evening, as little as 20-30 minutes on any day or whenever you choose.

Inspections by Appointment

If you would rather not have Open Inspections, then Inspections by Appointment is your alternative.

These can be arranged ad-hoc or at preferred times booked in advance.

Digital Offer Management System

Offers are collected via the ‘Make an Offer‘ Button on the website we provide for you, as well as via our systematic and comprehensive follow-up of buyers.

Why is This Important to You?

Because, All Offers are collected in the one place, rather than Paper Forms, PDF Forms, or delivered by SMS, What’s App, Email, Post, bits of notepaper, and so on. Whilst we have never missed an offer, it’s a nightmare collating all of these in one place especially if a purchaser has illegible handwriting and contact details cannot be understood.

Whilst there are other options for this, we researched and believe we have chosen a clear winner which has a clean, uncomplicated, easy to use interface for buyers who must Register and Provide Proof of ID.

This also allows us to upload any documents that Registered Buyers will need in coming to a decision.

Useful property information or other matters that you deem important can be digitized and uploaded as well.

This speeds up the process, rather than them discovering something they did not like after completing a Contract, then potentially walking away.

Everything is transparent and gives us the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns upfront so no one gets an unwanted surprise, least of all you.

We negotiate buyers against each other without ever disclosing other buyers’ offers or your price.

Many of the other systems are complicated and require additional training to just use the system.

They claim to be fair, but that means fair to the Buyer, NOT you as a Seller because the offers are openly displayed.

If you were buying a property and had say, an $800,000 budget and the displayed top offer with these other open systems was $705,000… Would you offer your $800k maximum or simply offer $706k to win the deal AND pocket the savings?

NO, we do not want to let buyers do that to you either! Our negotiation is Private & Confidential for you!

Our job is to MARKET intensely, as discussed below, then NEGOTIATE buyers against each other, so that they pay the Absolute Maximum they are prepared to pay.

Marketing & Advertising

  • Your opening times will be placed on Online websites and Social Media, which actually get you a result
  • Beautiful Photographs, Virtual Tours, Enticing Ads, and Editorials will be arranged as well as 360 Tour, QR Codes, Short Text Codes, Coloured Floor or Site Plans and more, all designed to attract the maximum number of buyers
  • You’ll be supplied with a full range of marketing products, including colour brochures
  • Additional Resources, Guidelines, Procedures, Training, and Checklists are provided in Handy Folders in a Carry Pack and we’ll loan you A-Frame, Open Inspection Pointer Boards.
  • You Get, Your Very Own Property Website with a unique and funky domain name that will collect buyer details online and on Social Media sites ** Please note the ‘Make an Offer’ Button is disabled on the Sample Site, because it is not relevant there.

The Partner Program Works!

Whether you’re selling in the Metropolitan or Country area, you prefer to be more involved, enjoy DIY, or simply want to save some money.

Plaza Real Estate offers you trusted advice, expert marketing – both off-line and on-line with major portals, all negotiations and can help you arrange your legal requirements including Conveyancing.

You are welcome to choose your Conveyancer of choice or we can recommend trusted and reliable ones to you.

What is more valuable to you? “The risk over-marketing or the risk of under-selling and losing tens of thousands of dollars?”

Why is The Marketing Important?

Because You Will Get MORE Money From the Sale!

The internet allows buyers to eliminate as many homes as possible before they…

  • actually, get into their car
  • to look around the community
  • drive through the neighbourhood
  • before they examine your street
  • then consider the outside, before
  • they step inside to inspect your house

As any of these can be a show stopper!

It’s Imperative that Online & Offline Marketing, Especially the Photographs & Your Property Presentation Meets Their Expectations.

We Need to Make Sure, They Actually Turn Up and Not Get Turned Off by Ineffective Advertising That the Also-Rans Do!

What’s Special About Where You Live?

We’ll make sure prospective buyers get to know this. We’ll note down, as well as arrange additional photographs of the surrounding environment, local community, special events and so on.

Let us know if there are regular meet-ups, dances, exhibitions, sports events, fishing spots or whatever that is particularly special or unique to your location. 

We want buyers to see the heart-share of your property which adds to the appeal and ultimately value in the buyers eyes, so they will pay you more for it.

As You Can See, As Your Agent, Because, We Are On Your Side – You Can Rely On Us To Be

  • Your Trusted Consultants
  • Your Skilled Negotiators and…
  • The People Who Oversee ALL of Your Transaction Details

What About Local Agents?

Clients have found the Partner Program offered them much more than is usually available.

However, there’s no need to ignore those agents entirely, because, if they introduce a serious buyer who commits to and purchases the property through us…

We’ll pay them an ‘Agents in Association‘ fee for their involvement, at no cost to you.

We will advise agencies in the surrounding country and appropriate rural areas of your property being available.

This makes it possible for a number of agents, to ‘put up their radar’ to find extra buyers.

This prevents any possible conflict, because, they’ll get paid, only if they do the work and find a buyer!

What Else?

Do you need to do any repairs, refurbishment, or maintenance before going on the market?

If so, one of our lenders can assist by loaning you, up to $40,000 to get those works done.

They have helped a number of my clients already and really made a difference, in getting their place ready without a financial strain on their budget.

We can also introduce you to Trusted Financial, Legal, or Insurance Experts or Reliable Inspectors, Suppliers and Tradespeople if you need any of them.

Please let me know if this could be of help to you.

You Can Easily, Sell Your Own Home This Way

Take Control & Get on with a new life and that of Your Family!

Just imagine finally getting your place sold for top dollar and having the choices you only dreamed of.

This is where our trusted expertise with over 30 years of experience comes to the fore…

We Negotiate to Get You the Absolute Best Price!
(Which could easily add $20,000, $30,000, or even more than $100,000 to your pocket).

 You Get the Partner Program With Savings Off Our Normal Fee
Where We Do Everything
Except, Your Showings & Inspections.

This is a far superior program to the average DIY company’s offerings.

  • You won’t be left on your own nor will we let you down
  • You get a Dedicated person to support you personally, the whole time
  • You can ask questions, call us, Zoom, Skype, chat, email, text/SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp anytime…  You Will Always Get the Help You Need!

You’ll also love the Partner Program, because, you get one of the most motivated salespeople, on the planet…

YOU, with the help of Plaza Real Estate’s Expert Team By Your Side.

A Real FOR SALE BY OWNER alternative to Get Your Property…

Call 08 83961100 Today, Send an Email, or Complete the Form Below.
We’ll Guide You Home! 

You Can Get Started With a Face-to-Face Appraisal or a Virtual Appraisal

Unsure if this is for you, meet us virtually on the phone, video call, Zoom, Skype, Messenger, WhatsApp, or whatever your favourite Device or App is to get the ball rolling.

You can arrange for us to do a Face-to-Face or Virtual Appraisal, by calling 0883961100 today.

We really do make it easy for clients to do business with us as trusted agents.

P.S If this does not suit you BUT you know someone else who would benefit…
Introduce them Here and We’ll pay you $550.00 CASH if the List & Sell with us.

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