Because, we Market your Property to Sell, & not just Advertise it For Sale

*Whilst the Marketing Samples here display Residential property, the same applies to Commercial & Industrial property.

Marketing, in a nutshell:

  • Is the Megaphone for Your Listing
  • It Screams to the World That Your Property is For Sale

You Need ALL These Buyers to See it.

  • We’ll ATTRACT More Buyers For Your Property to…
  • COMPETE the Buyers Against Each Other to Negotiate Their Best Offers!
  • And Get You the Best Price Possible

Without Marketing, you just have a ‘Billboard in the Forest’

No one notices it and any potential price-fever is lost. 

How Are Buyers Followed Up?

The Systems are Automated, SO, No-one is Overlooked

All Buyers Details are Collected at Opens, Private Viewings & Inspections, Then, They’re Followed Up by:
Email, SMS/ Text Messages, Voicemail & Phone calls

As Your Agent, Because, We Are On Your Side – You Can Rely On Us To Be…

  • Your Trusted Consultants
  • Your Skilled Negotiators and…
  • The People Who Oversee ALL of Your Transaction Details

Digital Offer Management System

‘Private Treaty’ Offers are collected digitally via the ‘Make an Offer‘ Button on our sites.

Buyers must Register and Provide Proof of ID

This also allows us to Upload any Documents, that Registered Buyers will need in coming to a decision, such as:

  • Form 1
  • Property Interest Report
  • Council & Government Searches
  • SA Water and so on
  • Relevant Property Information & Fact Sheets
  • Certificate of Title
  • Asbestos Register and so on

This speeds up the process, rather than them discovering something they did not like after completing a Contract, then potentially walking away

Everything is transparent and gives us the opportunity to discuss any questions or concerns up front so no one gets an unwanted surprise, least of all you

1. The Marketing Process 

Our Marketing Process will put your property in The Spotlight so it becomes the Star Attraction, it begins here with its own website.

Your Property Website – Sample 1

2. Pricing & Market Value

The 3 Pricing Options allowed in South Australia are

  1. No Price Fixed Price
  2. Fixed Price or
  3. Price Range of up to 10%.

Sales Data

Comparable Sales will Help BUT There’s No Recommended Retail Price for a Property

Besides Pricing, we must be up to date with market trends & economic factors to determine the direction of the Property & Investment Market Cycle

Question – Where do you think we are in the above cycle?

3. Preparation & Content

Your Property Information Thoroughly Recorded

Property Type: Factory, Warehouse, Offices, Retail, Storage, Land, etc
Amenities: Offices, Store Rooms, Bathrooms, Toilets, and so on
Facts, Figures, Features, Benefits & Vendor Information Documents collected

Form 1 and Sale documents are thoroughly prepared in conjunction with your nominated Conveyancer or Solicitor

When buyers ask questions about your property… we will have the answers!

Professional Photographs

Great photographs are imperative for your marketing machine to work effectively

Excellent Copywriting – Editorial & Ads

Expertly written by a trained copywriter

Customized text that fully describes your property’s desirable features & benefits

This compels buyers to actually want to visit your property

Easy to Read, Coloured Floor Plan

A Coloured Floor Plan or Site Plan is more appealing and easier to understand than a plain black & white one

Plaza Real Estate Property Website

Your property is made available to ALL buyers looking at ANY of our properties


Buyers & interested parties can find out more via our chat feature, which appears on the bottom right-hand side of our web and property pages

4. Marketing Your Property & Buyer Lead Generation

We employ numerous Online & Offline Resources in your marketing machine, to Showcase your property reach as far and wide as possible

Your property MUST stand out in the ‘Sea of Listings’

This is HOW you will get the best price possible…

3D Interactive – Virtual Tour

Engage Buyers with 360 Degree Immersive Views on Desktop, Tablet, Smartphones, or VR Goggles!

Property Features & Benefits are highlighted via ‘Info’ spots on each 360 image, so nothing is overlooked

Informative Signboards

A. Smaller Sites – Descriptive 6′ x 4′ Photograph & Text Board

B. Larger Sites – Customized 8′ x 4′ Photograph & Text Board

*Not Shown

Vanity Domain Name

Gives your property site a unique, easy-to-remember, Funky Name like

Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour – Sample 1


Your Own Property Website

This is where the magic happens! Click Here

Much more information about your property and area is available to buyers than the major portals offer.

Registered buyers can access documents and make an offer as discussed above in the ‘Make an Offer’ Button description.

The sites are optimized to work on desktop computers, laptops, tablets & mobile devices


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads – Mobile News Feed

Facebook Link

Alternative Facebook Landing Page in addition to your property website as previously described

LinkedIn Ad

Twitter Ad

Instagram Ad

Gumtree Ad

Gumtree brings another ‘string to the bow’, to introduce additional buyer leads

Craigslist Ad

Another opportunity for your marketing machine to find even more purchasers


Blog Post

Blog Post – Sample 1 – Sold Blog Post – Sample 2 – Sold

Brochures – Just Listed Print Flyer for Buyers

These are distributed to buyers attending Open Inspections AND to Neighbouring Properties.

Build & Land Packages

If it’s LAND or SUBDIVIDABLE – We Contact Builders & Developers Who Would be Interested in Build & Land Packages for Your Block

Commercial Leasing Manager

We will contact Leasing Managers to appraise their investors the property is available to purchase

Keywords for Text or SMS from a Smartphone

Try it – Text the Word HOUSES to 0488 844 200

Your property Keyword Code is added to Your Marketing
For Example, the Keyword for 10 Kimberley Avenue would be 10KIMBER

Direct Mail to Buyers

Selected previous buyers looking for a similar property are alerted by mail

SMS/ Text to Buyers

Selected previous buyers looking for a similar property are alerted by SMS/ Text

Telemarketing of Buyers

Selected previous buyers looking for a similar property are alerted by phone

QR Code

The QR Code can be placed on Signs, Internet Ads, Brochures, Flyers & Letterbox Droppers
Use a Smartphone QR Code Reader APP to Link to The Property Website

Try it – Use your Smartphone to read the QR code

5. Open Inspections & Private Viewings

Buyers are looking for THEIR new premises or investment opportunity
PRESENTATION, Styling & Staging counts

Open Inspection Boards – Point Buyers in the Right Direction

Open Inspection APP

Buyers’ details are recorded on a Smartphone or iPad APP at Open Inspections or from Incoming Telephone Calls
All enquirers receive a follow-up email and calls to encourage feedback and offers

Purchasers Info

Useful buyer information is displayed & offers are encouraged

Poster Benefit Cards

These simple low-tech A4 Laminated Cards are designed to highlight Features & Benefits of your property that are not immediately obvious to buyers & around 10-20 Cards are strategically placed around your property as appropriate
These cards boost the marketing machine AND encourage Offers!


Security Keysafe

A Keysafe will be used to keep your property keys secure on the property

They are attached to an immovable object, such as the gas meter box or other convenient location

This allows authorized staff to gain easy access to buyer inspections and viewings as appropriate

If the property is tenanted, we will liaise with them to arrange a viewing

6. Communication – Keeping You in the Picture

You will always be kept informed of buyer feedback, the state of the market, the sales progress of the marketing machine, and offers received

a) Written Market Reports

b) We’ll stay in touch via face-to-face meetings, phone calls, email, text/ SMS, Zoom Meeting, Skype, Messenger, and so on

c) Market Campaign Reports

When Your Sale is Done!

d) DocuSign for Documents

  • All parties can sign anywhere & anytime which speeds up the process
  • Delivered electronically via email
  • Easy for Multiple signing parties
  • Everyone gets their own copy
  • Legally compliant & reliable

7. Your Method of Sale Options

  • For Sale by Private Treaty
  • Auction
  • Set Date Sale – Read more here
  • Tender
  • Expressions of Interest
  • Price on Application (POA)
  • Low-Key – Read more here
  • Partner Program 

We will recommend the best method to suit your style of property and match it with your preferred time frame

8. The Way Forward

Question – How Soon Do You Want to Move?

A. Decide Which Method of Sale Suits Your Own Time Frame & Circumstances
B. Then Your Marketing Machine is Tailored to Suit You
C. The Ultimate Price is decided before any advertising is done or a campaign is started

9. When Would You Like to Start? 

Our Purpose – To get your property sold by trusting the process!

Call 08 83961100 or Eriks Draiska direct on 0418804900 to get started
or ask if you have further questions… We will not let you down!