Refer a Friend for a CASH REWARD!

YOU’LL EARN *$550.00 CASH!
Each & Every Time – You Recommend Someone,
Who Lists & Sells with us!

So, Don’t Keep Us a Secret… Tell Everyone You Know!

It’s important that YOU know! Our purpose is for clients to be so outrageously happy with the help we provide, that they’ll gladly introduce us to at least two people they really care about before the transaction closes.

Not because they feel obligated, but because they truly believe they’ll benefit.

So, Who Do You Know That Will Benefit From Our Help?

They’ll be in Safe Hands!

Because we value your trust, we want to reward you for your loyalty.

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Why Should You Refer People to us?

First of all, we want you to only introduce us to the people that you care about because we believe the people you really care about deserve to get the best advice possible when it’s time for them to make an important real estate decision.

When you do that, you’ll be a hero for making the introduction!

After all, there is nothing worse than referring a person to someone you care about and then they do a lousy job… because that reflects back on you.

So when you want to be a hero we want you to feel comfortable knowing your friends and family will get the best advice so they can make the wisest choice.

PS When you are out and about and you notice someone who could use our help, just take out your phone, look up my number 08 83961100 and call me. We can talk about how we can best help the person you are referring to me.

Then, imagine how good you’ll feel when you know that your family and friends are getting the reliable help they need and that they can count on us to make their dreams come true.

Have an inspired day!

Who Can You Refer?

Refer Friends, Family members, Colleagues, Co-workers, Clients, Staff members, Acquaintances, Mates, Neighbours or anyone else you know.
We’ll take great care of them as well as Reward You.


Simply Fill out the Form Below with your details.

In the Messages Section, include your Friends Name, Phone Numbers, Email and anything else you think is important.

We’ll contact them with your recommendation and let you know what happens.

To Qualify

If the Referred Person enters into an Exclusive Sales Agency Agreement to sell a property and subsequently sells the property with Plaza Real Estate, then the Person who gave the referral will receive a Gift of Cash to the value as nominated.

Further details can be found in the Terms and Conditions.


We’ll Guide You Home! 

Because We Are On Your Side – You Can Rely On Us To Be

  • Trusted Consultants
  • Skilled Negotiators and…
  • The People Who Oversee ALL of the Transaction Details

Refer A Friend FAQs

How many people can I refer?

As many as you like. You can refer a friend for an unlimited number of friends!

We encourage all our friends, customers, clients past & present to share our service with others. Those that you care about and want looked after.

What about Fundraising for my club?

This is a great way to earn extra income for your club, group or organisation. It does not matter if it’s a sports club, youth group, group, charity, incorporation or anything else.
Talk to us to set up an on-going referral service. The more you refer, the more you & your club will earn.

When will I get my refer a friend reward?

Within 14 days of the Settlement of your friends’ property being Listed & Sold through Plaza Real Estate.

Is there a certain time my friend has to List & Sell by to get a reward?

No, there’s no time restriction!

Your friend can List & Sell their property at any time! It may well be days, weeks, months or a year before they are ready. As long as the referral criteria are met, you will get rewarded.

Can anyone refer a friend to Plaza Real Estate?

Anyone can refer a friend to Plaza Real Estate, but you need to have advised Plaza Real Estate of your friend’s details before they List & Sell to be eligible.

Can I refer a friend who has already had an appraisal, already listed or already for sale with Plaza Real Estate?


Can I refer a friend who has already had an appraisal, already listed or already for sale with another Real Estate Company?


If the person changes agency from another company to us or has an appraisal and subsequently Lists & Sells with Plaza Real Estate.

PS We would rather reward our past clients, friends and people that like & trust us rather than paying for advertising.

Just make sure you include all of their details in the message section so we can get hold of them.

Thank you, talk soon!
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