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Booklet List and Sell – For Plaza Vendors Only – Password Protected
The Password is: plazarealestate
Important Notice to Vendors – Inclusions or Exclusions
Information for Sellers and Investors Sheet
Privacy Statement and Collection Notice

Consumer & Business Affairs Forms

Form R1 – Rights & Obligations of Vendor
Form R2 – Disclosure of Benefits
Form R7 – Warning Notice – Financial and Investment Advice

Check if these apply to your property


Are your Smoke Alarms Compliant & the right sort? 
Do you have any Regulated & Significant Trees?
Homes with a Swimming Pool or Spa Pool MUST be Adequately Fenced Are Yours?

Here are some tips and ideas to review and help get the property, ready for sale.

Hold a Garage Sale to clear out any clutter. You can also borrow Garage Sale Signs from us.
Request a booklet Preparing Your Home For Sale here or call and we’ll post you one.
Here are 5 Steps to Downsize Your Home.

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Here are Some Places to Go by yourself or with family & friends during Open Inspections

Things To Do in Adelaide – Weekend Notes
Things To Do in City of Adelaide –
Things To Do in SA –
Family & Kids Events – Adelaide Kids

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