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Documents & Booklets

You will receive additional, important documents by mail or email. These are in addition to those likely left with you at the time of signing the Contract.

Please review them carefully & call if you have any questions.

The Under Contract Booklet explains the next steps in detail.
It’s imperative you read through it and Follow Up on Your Responsibilities & any Subject Conditions.

Booklet Under Contract – For Plaza Clients Only – Password Protected
** The Password is: plazarealestate

*** Please Take Note ***

If you are Transferring Any Funds, Double Check Account Details and TALK to the relevant Agent/ Conveyancer/ Solicitor/ Bank or Broker BEFORE doing so.

We have heard reports in South Australia that scammers have hacked emails and set-up fraudulent account details.

If money is paid into the wrong account… It Will Be LOST


Other Useful Links

21 Moving Tips
Electoral Enrolment – Change of Address
Final Inspection Guide
Moving Checklist Sheet
Moving Services for Mail Redirection and so on
MyConnect Form Plaza Real Estate
Privacy Statement and Collection Notice

If you would like to know more

Read our Blog for Seller Information
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See our Links of Interest page.

Donations, De-Cluttering & Packing

You only need to move what you want to keep. (You cannot just leave other stuff behind though unless it’s been negotiated & agreed to by the purchasers).
So make a few calls or Google ‘Op Shops’, ‘Charity’ & such or your Local Church or own Favourite Charity to see what they will take.

Ask them about dropping off your pre-loved clothing, furniture, appliances, books, bric-a-brac etc.

Call to check
Clovercrest Baptist Pathways Op Shop 08 8395 8898
The Salvos 137258
Vinnies 1300 729 202
Goodwill-Uniting Communities 08 8202 5070 or
Savers 08 8263 4300 may pick some things up.

You may like to start packing non-essential items first and clearly label boxes of which rooms they are to go to the next place.

Hold a Garage Sale. You can borrow some signs from us. Please book them early.

Recycling Options
Review the Lists to find companies that Pick Up, whilst others require you to Deliver to them.
Recycling All Products – Recycling Near You & Planet Ark
Recycling – Recycling at Work & Business
Recycling Electronics – Electronic Recycling Australia
Recycling Electronics & Appliances –
Recycling Televisions & Computers – Department of Environment & Energy

I recommend ECycleSA for disposal of electronic items and have used them many times.

Rubbish Collection
Book a Rubbish Collection service with your local Council (ASAP) as they can take weeks, then arrange a Skip for the remainder.

Here are Some Places to Go by yourself or with family & friends during the packing up phase

Things To Do in Adelaide – Weekend Notes
Things To Do in City of Adelaide –
Things To Do in SA –
Family & Kids Events – Adelaide Kids

Buyer Specific Information

DEPOSIT is due immediately after cooling off.
You can pay by:
d) EFT/ DIRECT DEPOSIT is Recommended

We will forward details of Trust Account to you.

*Take note of the warning above and ensure monies go into the correct Trust Account.

CONVEYANCER (previously called a Landbroker) will handle the transfer of interest from the vendor to you. We will send all necessary documents to them. They will be in touch with you regarding additional paperwork in due course.
[  ] Advise us of your nominated conveyancer asap.

FINANCE where applicable. Unconditional approval is required by the due date or earlier.

Please make your application as soon as possible.
Take the paperwork supplied by us in addition to that required by your financier.
If required ask your financier to contact us asap if they require more details from us.

Supply us a copy of the approval letter showing unconditional approval or ask your financier to Fax, Post or preferably Email us a copy, as soon as possible.

SUBJECT-TO CONDITIONS where applicable. Approval is required by the due date or earlier.

Please ensure any required contractors or personnel are contacted as soon as possible

Advise us of the outcome asap.

INSURANCE over the property is required to protect your interest once the agreement is made.
We recommend you take out insurance cover or at least a cover note as soon as practicable.
Ask your insurer about building and/ or contents cover or anything you specifically require.

FOREIGN CITIZENS may require Foreign Investment Review Board approval to purchase property in Australia. To determine eligibility, you can enquire at FIRB on (02) 6263 3795 or view their website:

SETTLEMENT DAY is the day you take possession of the property.
You can then move in, store things or do any renovations you wish from this date but not before.
Settlement is usually around the middle of the day.
We will advise you the exact time closer to the day and arrange handover of keys as applicable.

SELLING or RENTING your current property?
Please let us know of your needs, we can help you achieve what you are after.


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