Do You Have LAND to Sell?

Your Land is WANTED:
In ANY Neighbourhood, Community or Suburb, whether it’s in the City or Country…
No Matter WHAT or WHERE it is!
Regardless of its Shape, Size, View, Flat, Sloping, Waterfront, Seaside or Subdividable.


We have BUYERS For It!

We have Mum & Dad Home Buyers, Singles and Couple as well as registered Developers, Builders, Investors and Speculators who are all desperately looking to BUY Land just like Yours!

They want House blocks, Development sites, Acreage or Raw Land and everything in between.

With competition among these buyers, you’ll get more for your property, than trying by yourself.

We help people & developers and such to buy, but we do NOT work for them. We work for You as the Seller.

Residential, Commercial & Industrial Blocks are all Sought After!

Different buyers are either wanting to build their Dream Home, Establish a Nest Egg, Subdivide the Site or Build Multiple Properties to then sell on.
It does not matter what Region or Zoning the Land to sell, is in or if there is Development Approval or not.
Joint Venture & Partnership Opportunities are also available from time-to-time.

We also look to Buy Property depending on our own needs at the time.

Development Sites Wanted

Buyers are seeking development sites of all types and sizes throughout the Adelaide Metropolitan Area & Country SA.
Note: Photos are of Original Sites, Before Clean Up & Before Marketing.

The TYPES of SITES Sought are: 

  • Duplex, triplex, and quadruplex
  • Blocks with existing houses, units or flats
  • Large grounds, wide blocks, spare land or excess garden


  • Neighbours with adjoining blocks
  • Disused sporting facilities
  • Derelict, vacant or abandoned sites – with or without buildings or improvements


  • Sites close to city or townships
  • Agricultural land with changed zoning
  • Rural property


  • Ex-business sites – pubs or places with unused parking lots, agistment lots, closed offices
  • Deceased estate or estate sales
  • Land or property sales to finalize a separation or divorce
  • The bank or finance company is hassling you over unpaid mortgage
  • Fire or Water damaged building on site


  • Residential sites
  • Commercial or Industrial sites
  • Multi-unit development sites with or without development approvals


  • Medium to high-density apartment development sites
  • Land suitable for subdivision with or without current zoning for development
  • Pretty much ANY Land will be considered!

Potential Development of Your Land to Sell, Can Include:

  • House and land packages
  • House behind house developments – Commonly referred to Hammerhead or Battleaxe Blocks
  • Duplex and triplex type developments
  • Multi – Unit developments
  • Apartment projects
  • Land subdivisions
  • Retirement living
  • Shopping centres
  • Single block sales

Consider a Joint Venture for Your Land to Sell

You may have land that’s been held in the family for generations.
You’d like to develop it but possibly do not have the expertise or finances to cover the costs associated with the development of the site.
Or you have acquired the site and not realised all of the hidden costs necessary to develop it. Maybe you are forced to sell the property – usually at a loss after costs and taxes.
Because of this, some sites sit idle and the true potential is never fully utilized.
A Joint Venture (JV) Partner may be able to assist.
A JV Partner will likely have access to the capital for investment, funding sources and development expertise that you may need.

You Don’t Have Land to Sell… But Know Someone Who Does?

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Are You a Real Estate Agent Selling a Clients Property?

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There are plenty of buyers who are prepared to pay good money for your block. (For that matter, we also have Buyers looking for Houses, Units & Flats)

So, If YOU Have Land to Sell & Want it SOLD…

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